Museum quality custom built wood model military ships, submarines, yachts,  ocean liners, cruise ships, freighters and tankers.
~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wooden model ships ~

Commercial Vessels List

Fully assembled models mounted on Philippine mahogany wood base with solid brass pedestals.
These model are available in 3 sizes (other model sizes can be special ordered).
We have plans for most commercial ships, ocean liners and cruise ships.


Military Ships




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S.S. William A. Irvin

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

RMS Titanic


Other historic & current ocean liners that we build

Ship Year Importance
Lusitania 1906-1915 Torpedoed by U-boat
RMS Mauretania 1906-34 Cunard liner
RMS Aquitania 1914-49 Cunard liner
RMS Queen Mary 1929-present Cunard liner
Normandie 1932-42 French liner
Andrea Doria 1951-56 Italian liner, collision at sea
RMS Queen Mary 1929-present Cunard liner, now tourist site

RMS Queen Elizabeth

1938-68 Cunard liner
Monarch of the Seas 1991-present Royal Caribbean cruise ship
Majesty of the Seas 2003-prersent Royal Caribbean cruise ship

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