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What are the models made from?
All our models are built from 'Philippine mahogany', which encompasses several different species. Frequently Tanguile and
its variety Lauan are used for the hulls, deck and superstructure. Smaller pieces may be built out of almost any material including brass, steel rod, copper wire, plastic, cloth and resin as best meets the needs of the crafter to obtain the desired result. The base is also Philippine mahogany and uses solid brass pedestals to mount the ship model. Occasionally Acacia wood is used in some submarine bases as indicated on website pages.

Can I order a model at a larger size than listed on the website?
"Yes". Please write for a free quote if you wish to purchase a model at a larger size. State the page title where the ship model you want is listed and just include what size or scale model you want.

Can I order a model not listed on the website?
"Yes". We are often commissioned to produce models not shown on our website. Please write giving the full ship designation, ship name, scale or size of model wanted, and circa (year) of the ship that the replication will apply to. If possible, please include one image only showing the ship in the exact configuration that you want the model built to. We will reply with an obligation free quotation.

My order is for a birthday (etc) gift; can you deliver it by a certain date?
Please advise us when placing the order that the model is needed by a certain date. Although we cannot guarantee to meet a deadline, we can provide personalized production certificates to present in lieu of the model if the deadline cannot be met.

Can I call you to discuss or place an order?
All Wood Ships is an internet based business with a global client base. We have found email to be the most efficient (time zones) and cost effective means of communicating with customers. Sometimes people believe that they can convey their request or specifications for a model better verbally. However, details taken verbally can be misunderstood or incorrectly recorded; while emails are a permanent record for both parties that clearly records the many details entailed with custom orders. "A picture sent is worth a thousand words."

Can I pay using a service other than PayPal?
We believe PayPal offers excellent protection for all parties concerned. However, we do understand that some may still prefer not to use PayPal and so we also accept payments made via Western Union Money Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer and Government or Personal Checks mailed to us. Please email us at for details. Credit card payments are NOT accepted offline or via the phone.

Where are the models made?
Our ship models are made by selected sub-contracted freelance artists and a major model building factory in the Philippines. We gather all info needed to accurately produce your replication, oversee the production, communicate with you via detailed images of construction when models reach approval stages, and ship the model to you.

How should I care for my model?
Your model will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Simply clean the hull outside with a good quality furniture polish every so often. Do not use solvent cleaners that may damage the finish. Do not place your model near a heat source or in direct sunlight. Unless the model is kept in a display case, dust will accumulate on topside. The best way to remove that is to blow it off carefully using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner that has the hose reversed so the hose blows out air. Never use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt off a model because it is easy to damage the model if suction head strikes model. Smaller areas need individual cleaning using cue tips.

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