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How to order ship models

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How to use this website:

Use the search tool located on every page (or browse the site) to find the page that lists the ship you are interested in.

The easiest way to browse this site is to start on the Home page and navigate to the ship type you are interested in.

All pages that show model ships have PayPal buttons to take your order for that ship in a choice of sizes.

Purchasing Custom Built Models:

Payment Billing
To order a custom built model, click on the "PayPal Deposit" button on the page showing the ship you are interested in and you will be taken to the PayPal Secure Website. Upon the successful completion of the transaction PayPal sends email confirmation  immediately. The transaction will show on your next statement as "paypal@allwoodships". Within 72 hours we send you confirmation of your order and begin email dialogue to determine the specific preferences you want for your model such as the ship's name, hull number, circa (year) of the replication desired so the configuration is correct , brass plate text, and other info pertinent to your custom order.

Payment Plan
All Wood Ships understands concerns regarding high value e-commerce purchases, especially when our product requires time to produce before shipping. To address these concerns our custom built models are sold using an interest-free payment plan.

Payment Schedule
Website featured custom models are sold with three equal payments - each 1/3 of stated price (which includes free world-wide shipping).
1) Pay the initial 1/3 deposit when ordering.
2) Pay next 1/3 of stated price when model hull is carved and we supply image of that.
3) Pay final 1/3 of stated price when model is completed and you approve it on basis of detailed images we send you.

All custom built models which are not listed in website  (such as larger sizes than listed and ships not featured) are considered special order and require deposit payment of 50%.  Any special payment conditions that exclude the established website PayPal buttons (such as bank wire transfers, checks and private client order pages for special items) will also be at 50% deposit payment.

Replication Information
After receiving your 1/3 deposit we will request text for brass plate and pertinent replication info. Usually we require at least one high quality image showing the FULL SHIP in its exact correct configuration (with correct exterior details) as fits your chosen circa for the replication. That image will be our "primary image" on which everything regarding your order is based. If you can not supply such image, we will find for you and have you confirm that such image fits your order.

Supplying Ship Drawings, Plans or Blueprints
All Wood Ships maintains a library of plans and can obtain many other plans from various retailers. We are responsible for obtaining the necessary plans/drawings to construct the model as far as regards the ship models that can be ordered on the website - meaning a PayPal button exists to take that order. In cases of special requests for other ships, responsibility for obtaining plans will be part of initial discussion and quote.

Communicating with Clients
All information regarding all orders is only transmitted via emails.
Because of the importance to maintain an accurate record of sometimes complicated replication details, and permit time to accurately research a topic before answering a question (and possibly include images) we simply do not communicate over the telephone.

Construction Times
All custom ship models are built to order and usually require about 16 weeks to build, more if bigger size. Construction times will extend if we are waiting for requested information.  At certain times factory has order back log and then all is done on first-come, first-serve basis which can extend estimated completion times.

Shipping Safety
Models are packed in purpose built plywood crates or specially formed double-lined cartons to eliminate transit damage. Prices include free world-wide shipping via insured courier. ++

Applicable Conditions
* All deposits and ship sales for custom built models are final.
* Deposits and payments are non-refundable.
* Approved models will not be shipped until final payment is made.
* Customers are solely responsible for any duties, taxes, or customs inspection fees if applicable.
(Most countries classify these models as duty free "works of art")
* If final payment of a model approved by client is not made within 30 days of us requesting the final payment, we reserve the right to sell on website and dispose of model to recover our costs.
If client fails to respond to request for updated shipping address and telephone number to be used by delivery courier, model may have to be shipped instead using local country postal service which may preclude ability to insure.

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