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Saipan Class Aircraft Carriers
-  light fleet carriers -
circa WWII


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Saipan Class Aircraft Carriers
Ship Comm. Fate
14-Jul-46 Name changed to CC-3 Arlington in 1965, served as an communications relay ship until decommissioned1970, scrapped.
Withdrawn 1956, converted as a command ship, re-commissioned 1963, decommissioned 1970 and scrapped.
CVL-50 to CVL-58 Cancelled


Saipan Class specifications as built  1946


683.5 feet
Max Width 147 feet / Beam 77'
Displacement 14,500 tons, 20,060 fully loaded
Power Plant GE geared turbines, eight B&W boilers
Screws + SHP 4 screws, 120,000 SHP total
Speed 33 knots
Complement 1,821
Armament 42 - 40mm AA guns (5 quad, 11 dual)
32 - 20mm AA guns (16 dual)
AA armament removed after WWII
Aircraft 50+ WWII era aircraft; sharply reduced in jet aircraft operations in the 1950's.
CVL-48 and CVL-49 Saipan Class
* custom built aircraft carrier models *
Replicated as to your stated circa with hanger doors and elevators as you specify.
We'll contact you for details after you order.

Scale 1:350 / 24"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Price includes free delivery,
personalized brass plate, ensign/signal flags, and 40 aircraft of different squadrons.

Other size models, different bases, aircraft with squadron paint/CAGs, plus specialties like "dual position elevator" are all possible.
Please email us for free quote.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including appropriate air wing, flagging and personalized brass plate.

The Saipan class was a parallel evolution of the Independence class light aircraft carrier (CVL) but - while the Independence class was based on the Cleveland light cruiser design - the Saipan class aircraft carriers were based on the Baltimore class of heavy cruisers. The two carriers that comprised the Saipan class (CVL-48 USS Saipan and CVL-49 USS Wright)  were laid down in July and August of 1944.

As built, the ships were armed with the typical heavy battery of 40mm and 20mm AA guns, which were removed after World War II. The ships were distinguished by the large radar mast aft of the superstructure and four funnels extending above the flight deck on the port side. One of the funnels was removed in the 1950s on both ships.

Saipan was used to test the operation of jet aircraft and also new radars. Decommissioned in 1957, she was then converted to a command ship (CC-3) during 1963-64 and renamed USS Arlington. Her conversion specifications were modified in 1964 and she re-entered service in August 1966 as a communications relay ship (AGMR-2) with the flight deck having been changed to an "antenna farm" and all catapults and the arresting wires removed. A helicopter landing area was retained aft while the hangar was converted to house communications facilities.

USS Wright was withdrawn from service in 1956 and converted to a national emergency command ship at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard from 1962-63. Both ships were decommissioned in 1970 and ultimately scrapped.

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