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Kitty Hawk Class Aircraft Carriers
Model featured: CVA / CV-64 USS Constellation
circa 2003 (final deployment) with CVW-2


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Mahogany wood base, real brass pedestals and descriptive brass plate enhance this elegant historical model

Please see image of exotic wood grain base at very bottom of page.


CAG of VF-2 Bounty Hunters catapults from raised JBD, other Tomcats ready to follow.




All aircraft carrier models come with the planes loose so a great variety of flight deck scenarios can be set up.

Aircraft crowd the aft flight deck, hangers and elevators during a moody sunset scene.



Aircraft and deck vehicles are included - correct for your circa.

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CV-64 USS Constellation
* custom built aircraft carrier model *
Replicated as to your stated circa with hanger doors and elevators as you specify.
We'll contact you for details after you order.

Scale 1:430 /30"
Price: $1995

1/3 deposit $665

Scale 1:350 /37"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

Scale 1:280 /46"
Price: $3600

1/3 deposit $1200

Price includes free delivery,
personalized brass plate, 40 aircraft and 12 deck vehicles, and flagging as you wish.

Other size models, different bases, aircraft with squadron paint/CAGs, plus specialties like raised blast shields are all possible.
Please email us for free quote.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including appropriate air wing, flagging and personalized brass plate.


CVA-64 "USS Constellation" was the second carrier in the Kitty Hawk Class. Four years building, she was commissioned October 27, 1961. Upon delivery to the fleet, she was outfitted with the Mk-10 Terrier Standard Missile Launcher system providing air defense for the ship and it's battle group during the Vietnam conflict. On June 30, 1975 the ship was reclassified as a "Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier" (CV-64) following modifications to the flight deck and equipment which enabled the ship to deploy with S-3A Viking anti-submarine aircraft and F-14 Tomcat fighters. In 1982, CV-64 returned to the yards for major modernization. When the ship came out in 1984 she was able to carry the Navy's newest strike fighter - the F/A-18 Hornet. Additionally, her Mk-10 launchers (earlier modified to launch Talos and Tarter missiles) were removed and replaced with the Mk-29 NATO Sea Sparrow launchers.

On November 2nd, 2002, "USS Constellation" stood out on her last and final cruise - this time in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. She arrived in the Arabian Gulf December 17th and remained on station for four months. "Connie" (as the ship was affectionately called) was the first to launch air strikes in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and subsequently flew more than 1,500 sorties, dropping more than 1.7 million pounds of ordinance on strategic military targets. In addition, Connie produced, packaged and dropped about 600 million leaflets over Iraq. On April 17, 2003 she began her return to San Diego. On June 1, 2003 an S-3B from VS-38 became the last aircraft in history to be launched off  her deck.

On her final deployment Constellation carried 9 squadrons:
VF-2 Bounty Hunters: 10 F-14D Tomcat,
VFA-137 Kestrels: 12 F/A-18C Hornet,
VFA-151 Vigilantes: 12 F/A-18C Hornet,
VMFA-323 Death Rattlers:   2 F/A-18C Hornet,
VAW-116 Sun Kings:   4 E-2C Hawkeye,
VAQ-131 Lancers:   4 EA-6B Prowler,
VS-38 Red Griffins:   8 S-3B Viking,
VRC-30 Providers:   2 C-2A Greyhound,
HS-2 Golden Falcons:   2 Seahawk + 6 Pave Hawk

Since her commissioning, nearly 120,000 sailors and marines have served aboard the ship, and the arresting gear has amassed an impressive 436,000 'traps', or landings. After nearly 42 years of service, "USS Constellation" was decommissioned on August 7, 2003, and struck from the Navy List on December 2, 2003. Connie is now slated to be sunk for an artificial reef.

USS Constellation specifications


1,073 feet
Deck width 252 feet
Displacement 60,100 tons, 82,538 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 8 steam boilers, 4 geared turbines
Screws + SHP 4 screws, 280,000 SHP total
Speed 34 knots
Complement Ship's Company: 2,900, Air Wing: 2,480
Armament Initially Terrier Mk-10 launchers with Standard missiles, converted to Talos and Tarter in early 1980s, removed 1984. Replaced by 3 Sea Sparrow, 3 Phalanx, Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
Aircraft ~ 85; Carrier Air Wing Two (2003)
Kitty Hawk Class Aircraft Carriers
Ship Comm. Fate
CVA-63 / CV-63
USS Kitty Hawk
29-05-61 Decommissioned May 2009, replaced by CVN-77.
CVA-64 / CV-64
USS Constellation
27-10-61 Decommissioned 2003
CVA-66 / CV-66
USS America
23-01-65 CV-64 variant, decommissioned 1996
"Undefined Class"
CVA-67 / CV-67
USS John F. Kennedy
07-09-68 Decommissioned 2006.

Model comes with an elegant wood base sporting solid brass pedestals and stand up descriptive brass plate (not shown).
(Note: Wood grain varies from model to model)

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