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Aircraft Carriers (CV) Pictorial
"Twelve reasons to order our aircraft carrier models"


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1) Bases can be built to specific client designs.

2) Pole antennae that go up and down.

3) Accurate draft markings and hull details.

4) Detailed elevators set at the positions you choose.


5) Did we mention "detailing"?


6) Hanger doors set open or closed as you wish.


7) Elevator in straight flight deck - note 3rd aircraft below elevator.


8) Raised Jet Blast Deflectors (JBDs) and deck scorch marks.


9) Proper window paint and special artwork.



10) Accurate deck markings and safety nets.


11) Mesh antennae and funnel grates

12) Signal flags as you wish


OK... maybe there are more than 12 reasons!

The "degree of detailing" varies with model scale. Larger models usually have better detailing.
Some items shown are additional charge
such as
elevator in straight flight deck, CAG/squadron paint, and raised JBDs).

All display models are fully assembled and mounted on brass pedestals w/Philippine mahogany base.
Replicated to your ship's circa with hanger doors, elevators, aircraft mix, flags and brass plate text as you wish.

~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wooden model ships ~

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