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LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushioned)
Model featured: LCAC-17 Hovercraft


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* Model includes brass plate etched with personalized text *

Tank turret and LCAC tail rudders are moveable

LCAC only - custom model
Note: Dimension stated is the LCAC's length
Base wood is 2" to 4" longer, depending on scale

Scale 1:96 / 11"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:60 / 18"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:42 / 25"
Price: $2799

1/3 deposit $933

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LCAC and Abrams tank - custom model
* Same as above but with Abrams tank *

Scale 1:96 / 11"
Price: $2049

1/3 deposit $683

Scale 1:60 / 18"
Price: $2799

1/3 deposit $833

Scale 1:42 / 25"
Price: $3249

1/3 deposit $1033

We'll contact you after ordering.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The LCAC (landing craft, air cushion) hovercraft is a high speed, fully amphibious craft capable of carrying a 75 ton payload from ship to shore and across the beach.   This lets it reach more than 70 percent of the world's coastline compared to only 17% with conventional landing craft.

Built by Textron Marine and Avondale Gulfport Marine, LCAC was first deployed in 1987. The craft is able to travel over light ice and open water (if the seas are fairly calm). LCAC has also been involved in several minesweeping exercises and is effective in very shallow water.

Four detachments of LCACs consisting of eleven craft supported Operation Desert Storm in January 1991. As of 1995, 82 LCACs had been delivered to the Navy.



LCAC specifications

Length  87 feet

Beam  47 feet
Displacement 182 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 Avco-Lycoming TF-40B gas turbines; 16,000 horsepower sustained
Speed 40+ knots
Range 300 miles at 35 knots
Complement 5
Armament 2 mounts for 12.7mm, .50 cal or M-60 machine guns or 40mm grenade launcher
Load 75 tons (Abrams or a variety of vehicles)


Abrams Tank Specifications


32 feet including gun barrel
Width 12 feet
Power Plant 1,500hp gas turbine
Speed 45 mph, 30mph cross-country
Range 275 miles
Crew 4 -commander, gunner, loader & driver
Armament M-1, 105mm main gun
M-1A1 and M-1A2, 120mm main gun
# Built 7,880 for Army and 221 for Marines

Custom built from Philippine mahogany, these museum quality desk-top display models of LCAC hovercraft are very finely detailed.
The Landing Craft Air Cushioned vehicle (hovercraft) models reflect variances between different LCAC as per the hull number requested by clients.

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