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ATS-1 Edenton Class Rescue/Salvage Ship
Model featured:  ATS-3 USS Brunswick
- circa 1972 -


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The Edenton Class of Rescue/Salvage ships provide rapid fire fighting, pumping, battle damage repair, and rescue towing to warships in combat and tow them to repair ships or bases in safe areas.

Operating at sea in wartime, these ships are capable of performing limited defensive functions simultaneously while in Readiness Condition I and are capable of performing other functions which are not required to be performed simultaneously. They maintain continuous Readiness Condition III at sea and provide towing, salvage, rescue and diving services to fleet units. They can support conventional diving operations to a depth of 190 feet, and support mixed gas diving operations to a depth of 300 feet. When assigned a portable deep dive system, they can support operations to a depth of 850 feet. They provide the capability for a tidal lift of 300 short tons (dynamic lift of 150 short tons) and are capable of providing compressed air for blowing a submarine free of flooding water from diving limit depth.

In April 1992 ATS-3 USS Brunswick towed the large auxiliary floating dry dock AFDB-8 Machinist, which was relocated to Pearl Harbor during the U.S. military withdrawal from Subic Bay, Philippines.

Edenton Class specifications


283 feet
Beam   59 feet
Displacement 2,615 tons; 3,496 tons fully loaded
Draft 15.1 feet
Power Plant Diesel engines
Screws + SHP 2 screws
Speed 16 knots
Complement 10 officers and 96 enlisted
Armament Two 20mm guns, four .50mm M/Gs


Edenton Class Rescue/Salvage Ships

Hull # / Name Commissioned Fate/Homeport
ATS-1 Edenton Jan 23, 1971 > WMEC-39, 1999
ATS-2 Beaufort Jan 22, 1972 To S. Korea, 1996
ATS-3 Brunswick Dec 19, 1972 To S. Korea, 1996

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