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T AKR-300 Bob Hope Class
Large, Medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ships (LMSR)

Model featured:  T AKR-300 USS Bob Hope
- circa as commissioned 1998 -


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Bob Hope Class Ships

Hull # / Name Commissioned Fate/Station
T AKR-300 Bob Hope Oct 29, 1998 Diego Garcia
T AKR-301 Fischer May 17, 1999 Atlantic
T AKR-302 Seay Oct 29, 1999 Philadelphia, PA
T AKR-303 Mendonca Feb 28, 2001 Philadelphia, PA
T AKR-304 Pililaau Aug 31, 2001 New Orleans, FL
T AKR-305 Brittin Feb 28, 2002 New Orleans, FL
T AKR-306 Benavidez Set 30, 2002 New Orleans, FL


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Named after the comedian who entertained US service members around the world for 50 years “USNS Bob Hope” is the lead ship in the new Bob Hope Class of Military Sealift ships. These “Large, Medium-speed, Roll-on/Roll-off Ships” (LMSR) significantly expand the United States' sealift capability. With a displacement of 55,000 tons and a cargo carrying capacity of more than 380,000 square feet (equivalent to almost eight football fields) the ships carry vehicles and equipment to support humanitarian missions as well as combat missions.

Constructed to primarily provide afloat pre-positioning of an Army heavy brigade's equipment and a corps' combat support, the ships additionally provide surge capability for lift of a heavy division's equipment from the United States. Four 110-ton single pedestal cranes make it possible to load and unload cargo where shore-side infrastructure is limited or nonexistent. A slewing stern ramp and a movable ramp which services two side ports make it easy to drive vehicles on and off the ship. Interior ramps between decks ease traffic flow once cargo is loaded aboard ship. A commercial helicopter deck allows for emergency daytime landing.

The large ships (950' long and 106' wide), while capable of self-sustained Lift-on/Lift-off operations at a pier and in a "logistics over the shore" scenario, are often used in conjunction with a Roll-on/Roll-off Discharge Facility.

Military Sealift Command's  total LMSR fleet consists of nineteen US government-owned, noncombatant ships that were built new or converted from earlier container ships at US shipyards. The LMSRs offset the shortage of militarily useful cargo ships available in the commercial sector - a growing concern as US forces overseas depend increasingly on global power projection.

The nineteen LMSRs include seven of the Bob Hope Class, eight of the newer Watson Class, two converted container ships of the Gordon Class, and two more converted container ships of the Shughart Class.

The Military Sealift Command deployed LMSR ships extensively for transport of Army equipment to support operations in Kosovo in 2001 and later against Iraq. The performance of the ships in these actual operations provided additional support for the conclusions as to their effectiveness and suitability. Cargo included Army Blackhawk, Apache, Kiowa and Chinook helicopters and a variety of wheeled vehicles plus containers for all forces.

Unarmed and without a combat system, the ships do have a C3I suite sufficient to perform their intended mission in conjunction with other Naval vessels. Eleven LMSRs are maintained in a 4-day Reduced Operating Status.



Bob Hope Class specifications


951.4 feet
Beam 106.0 feet
Displacement 62,069 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 Colt Pielstick diesels; 65,160 hp
Screws 2 screws, twin bow thruster
Speed 24 knots
Complement 26-45 civilian crew, 50 if active duty

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