Museum quality custom built wood model military ships, submarines, yachts,  ocean liners, cruise ships, freighters and tankers.
~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wooden model ships ~

Battleships By Country

Replicated as to your ship or circa you choose, these museum quality models include brass plate, flags and scout aircraft.
Most model battleships available in 3 sizes from detailed 21" to mighty 45" (other size models can be special ordered).
All display models are fully assembled and mounted on brass pedestals with exotic Philippine mahogany base.


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Wood ship models of German Battleships and Cruisers
German Battleships and Cruisers

Wood ship models Royal Navy Battleships
Royal Navy Battleships


Japanese Battleships models of Japanese Battleships
Japanese Battleships



Wood ship models of US Navy Battleships
US Navy Battleships

Detailed custom wood models of American, British, German and Japanese battleships custom built and hand crafted from Philippine mahogany wood.
These fully assembled desk-top display models are museum quality replicas of the authentic fighting ships which are world prized as collectables or gifts.
Every ship model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.

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The USN or US Navy battleships include the Iowa Class Battleships BB-61 Iowa, BB-62 New Jersey, BB-63 USS Missouri, BB-64 Wisconsin, BB-65 Illinois and BB-66 Kentucky replicated to any circa.
The UK or United Kingdom or British battleships include HMS Hood, Admiral class battle cruisers, HMS Nelson Class battleships, HMS Rodney, King George V Battleships, HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Duke of York, HMS Anson and HMS Howe.
The German or Kriegsmarine battleships include: KMS Bismarck, KMS Tirpitz, KMS Scharnhorst, KMS Gneisenau; Lutzow Class Pocket Battleships: KMS Admiral Scheer, and KMS Admiral Graf Spee; Admiral Hipper Class Heavy Cruisers: KMS Blücher, KMS Lutzow, KMS Prinz Eugen, and KMS Seydlitz.
The battleships of Japan or  IJN include the Yamato Class battleships which were IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi.