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Nelson Class Battleships
Model featured: HMS Rodney
- circa 1941 -


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Named after Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, the hero of Trafalgar, "HMS Nelson" - lead ship of a class of two ships - was built to designs that evolved out of the negotiations at the Washington Naval Conference of 1921. Nelson and her sister ship, "HMS Rodney" were the only British ships mounting 16-inch guns. The nine main guns were in three triple turrets, all forward of the bridge tower, Medium armament was twelve 6-inch guns mounted in twin turrets aft. Additionally there was a very large anti-aircraft arrangement making the Nelson Class the most heavily armed British capital ships.

"HMS Rodney" was one of the British ships that caught the damaged  Bismarck and sank the German battleship - at point blank range - on May 27th, 1941.

"HMS Rodney" specifications as built 1927


710 feet
Beam 106 feet
Draft   30 feet
Displacement 33,900 ton, 38,000 tons fully loaded
Power Plant  geared turbines
Screws + SHP 2 screws, 45,000 SHP total
Speed 23 knots
Range 7,000 miles at 16 knots
Complement 1,330 to 1558
as built 1927
3 triple 16";  six twin 6"; six single 4.7";
48 2-pounders arranged in 6 pom-poms,
16 40mm arranged in 4 quads,
4 3-pounder singles 'saluting guns';
two submerged 24.5" torpedo tubes.
NOTE: Armament changed continuously from start total of 97 guns to end total of 156  guns (all changes were to AA).
Aircraft None; later fitted with 1 catapult and 2 aircraft; removed again later still


Nelson Class Battleships

Ship Com. Fate
1925 Flagship 1927-41, Malta convoys 1941-2, North Africa 1942-3, Sicily 1943, Salerno & Mediterranean 1943, Normandy 1944, scrapped 1948.
1927 Helped sink Bismarck 1941, North Africa 1942, Sicily 1943, D-Day and Flagship at Scapa Flow 1944, scrapped 1948.

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