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Iowa Class Battleship Pictorial
Model featured: BB-61 USS Iowa
- circa 1989 -


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Mahogany wood base, real brass pedestals and descriptive plate enhance this elegant historical model.

On this 38-inch long model all turrets rotate.

Real strip planking! The main guns elevate too!

Signal flags are coded for one-of-a-kind model.

Aircraft are included, motor launch is on dolly with wheels, props are real brass.

CIWS (white domes), Tomahawk cruise missiles (in box launchers)
and Harpoon ship-to-ship missiles (red) were added during the modernization.

The strip planking if very exact to a specific time when client served aboard
and the non-slip of helo pad was partially removed.


I want to confirm that we received the model in Excellent condition. You all are FANTASTIC about the packing. I want to again THANK YOU for a magnificent Husband noticed how the decking within the tiers of decks in the center of the ship had actual strip plank decking and the windows look as if they were open which he recognized as often not seen in other models.  He really found all the details to be very accurate to what he wanted, and even more. Every time he looked at a portion of the ship he found something else to show me and pointed out how realistic that section looked and why this model is of such superior quality. I can't say enough seeing how happy he looks with his model and how proud he is of having served aboard that ship.  I can only say MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! for helping us achieve his dream of having such a beautiful model of his ship. He's taking photos right now and will show his Family more in detail. He's very very excited!

Warm regards, Margarita

I wanted to let you and your crew know that you guys did an awesome job with the detail on the battleship Iowa that my wife Margarita had made for me.  The ship looks like a museum piece.  I especially loved the many details you incorporated that made the ship look in the configuration of the last deployment I made on her in 1989. One detail in particular that grabbed me was the way the bridge and the bridge windows were made.  I expected the bridge to be solid with windows painted on.  Rather, the window frames were there and I can see the bridge area behind them.  Of note, we had to roll the windows down on both the 0-4 level (navigation bridge) and 0-3 level (Flag bridge), each time we fired the 16' guns. This is what it looks like. Outstanding job.  I love the lifelines around the ship and the individual wood planking, which was definitely accurate. Again, awesome job!  Please pass that on to the folks in the factory.

Terry McGinn, former Surface Warfare Officer on board the U.S.S Iowa BB-61 1986-1990


Iowa Class History

Probably the finest battleships of all time, the four Iowa Class battleships (BB-61 to BB-64) served in WWII - a conflict that ended with the Japanese surrender taking place aboard USS Missouri while anchored in Tokyo Bay on September 2nd, 1945. After WWII, three of the four Iowa Class battleships were mothballed.

In the early 1950s they were re-activated and then all four battleships - in their WWII configuration - employed their 16-inch guns during the Korean War. All four ships were decommissioned after that.

New Jersey was briefly reactivated again for bombardment duty during the Vietnam War, then placed back into reserve.

Iowa Class modernized

During the 1980's, the entire class was extensively upgraded and re-commissioned as part of Ronald Reagan's 1980's defense buildup. The main armaments of the battleships are 16 Harpoon anti-ship missiles held in four quad launchers and the 32 Tomahawk cruise missiles held in eight armored box launchers.  Both missile types can attack either land or ship targets. Defensive armament (besides the existing guns) are the four 20mm Phalanx Close-In-Weapons-System (CIWS) which are primarily for anti-missile defensive.

The ships radars were extensively modernized so that they carry SPS-49 Air Search Radar, SPS-67 Surface Search Radar, four Mk-37 Gun Fire Control radars, two Mk-38 Gun Directors, one Mk-40 Gun Director, SLQ-25 NIXIE, SLQ-32 EW system, and one SPQ-9 on BB-61.

In 1991 Missouri and Wisconsin provided gunfire support for the Iraq War, and thereafter rejoined their sisters in the reserve fleet.

At present, all four battleships are either serving as museums or soon will be.

Iowa Class Battleships
  WWII 1939-45 Korean War 1950-53 Vietnam 1959-75 Iraq War 1991  
  Comm. Decomm. Comm. Decomm. Comm. Decomm. Comm. Decomm. Fate
USS Iowa
Feb 1943 Mar 1949 Aug 1951 Feb 1958 - - Apr 1984 Oct 1990  Moved to temporary site in San Pedro, CA in 2012 for possible museum.
USS New Jersey
May 1943 Jun 1948 Nov 1950 Aug 1957 Apr 1968 Dec 1969 Dec 1982 Sep 1991 Floating Museum in Camden, New Jersey.
USS Missouri
Jun 1944 active active Feb 1955 - - May 1986 Mar 1992 Preserved as a museum at Ford Is, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, June 1998.
USS Wisconsin
Apr 1944 Jul 1948 Mar 1951 Mar 1958 - - Oct 1988 Sep 1991 Berthed at Norfolk VA and listed a "Historic Place" on March 28, 2012.
USS Illinois
cancelled - - - - - - - -
USS Kentucky
cancelled - - - - - - - -

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