~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wooden model ships ~


Replicated to the circa you choose, these detailed models include personalized brass plate, flags and assigned aircraft.
All display models are fully assembled and mounted on brass pedestals with Philippine mahogany wood base.
Most wood model Cruisers are available in set sizes (larger wood models can be special ordered).


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Wood ship models of Light, Heavy and Anti-aircraft Cruisers
Light, Heavy and Anti-aircraft Cruisers
1895 - 1949


Wood ship models of Guided Missile Cruisers
Guided Missile Cruisers
1950 to present


         Sitemap of Featured Military Ship Cruisers

Light, Heavy & Anti-Aircraft Cruisers

Olympia Protected Cruisers
Denver Class Peace Cruisers
Chester Class Scout Cruisers
Omaha Class Scout Cruisers
Pensacola Class Heavy Cruisers
Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers
Portland Class Heavy Cruisers
New Orleans Class Heavy Cruisers
Brooklyn Class Light Cruisers
Wichita Class Heavy Cruisers
St. Louis Class Light Cruisers
Atlanta Class AA Cruisers
Cleveland Class Light Cruisers
Baltimore Class Heavy Cruisers
Oakland Class AA Cruisers
Alaska Class Large Cruisers
Fargo Class Light Cruisers
Juneau Class AA Cruisers
Oregon City Class Heavy Cruisers
Des Moines Class Heavy Cruisers
Worcester Class Heavy Cruisers

Guided Missile Cruisers

Boston Class
Galveston Class
Providence Class
Long Beach Class
Albany Class
Leahy Class
Bainbridge Class
Belknap Class
Truxtun Class
California Class
Virginia Class
Ticonderoga Class

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