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Chester Class Scout Cruisers: CL-1 to CL-3
Model featured: CL-1 USS Chester, later USS York
- circa 1917 as rearmed -


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The Chester Class comprising three light cruisers was experimental with each ship being built with different types of engines. CL-1 USS Chester was the first United States warship built with Parsons reaction-type steam turbines driving 4 screws, making her one of the fastest ships of her time. CL-2 USS Birmingham also had Parsons turbines but only two screws while CL-3 USS Salem had Curtis engines and two screws. All three vessels were extensively tested by the Navy in order to compare the efficiency of their different power plants. The Salem proved to be the best of these third class scout cruisers, though the Curtis turbines did not live up to expectations. All of the ships - originally designated CS - were commissioned in 1908 and saw considerable action in World War I.

Re-armed in 1917, both 5" and four of the 3" guns were removed to add instead four 5" guns of a larger caliber and one 3" AA gun. All were decommissioned in the early 1920s.

Chester Class specifications, as built


423 ft
Beam 47 ft
Displacement 3,750 tons
Power Plant Varied
Screws + SHP Varied
Speed 24 knots
Crew 359
Armament As built: two 5" and six 3" guns, and two torpedo tubes.
Rearmed in 1917 (see above text)

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