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Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers: CL/CA-26 to CL/CA-31
Model featured: CA-26 USS Northampton
- circa, entering Pearl Harbour December 8th, 1941 -


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USS Northampton
, name ship of a class of six 9,000-ton light cruisers (CL), was commissioned May 17th, 1930. In 1931 the classification was changed to heavy cruiser (CA).

The six ships were an improved version of the earlier Pensacola Class cruisers with new aircraft storage, and were built to add firepower to the US Navy battle fleet which could not build more battleships due to the 1922 Washington Naval Treaty.

The treaty defined cruisers as ships of up to 15,000 tons, and being either "light" with guns no larger than 6 inches, or "heavy" with guns no larger than 8 inches. The first three ships were equipped as flagships. In this capacity the crew was increased from the usual 566 enlisted men and 55 officers to a total complement of about 750.

Armed with three triple 8" main guns, four 5" guns, eight .50 calibur machine guns and six torpedo tubes, the Northampton Class cruisers possessed good firepower and speed at the expense of adequate armor protection and anti-torpedo defense.

These cruisers had the distinction of being the first ships of the so-called "Treaty Navy" in which the hull plates were welded instead of riveted to eliminate excess weight and keep the ships within the tonnage limits prescribed by the Washington Naval Treaty. Their armor belt was 3.75" thick - which proved inadequate. Equipped with two catapults amidships they carried four Curtiss SOC Seagull floatplanes.

Chicago, Houston and Northampton were sunk during action with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II. The remaining three were scheduled for disposal but were decommissioned in 1946 and retained in reserve. Modernizations were considered in 1952 but instead the three ships were stricken in 1959 and sold for scrap.

The model is depicted as to how the ship looked when she entered Pearl Harbor the day after the infamous attack. She is painted in Measure One (dark) camouflage with a Measure Five false bow wave.


Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser specifications

Armament Three triple 8" guns, four 5", eight 50 caliber machine guns and six torpedo tubes Length 600 ft 3 in
Beam   66 ft 1 in
Displacement 9,300 tons
Power Plant 4-shaft Parsons turbines, 8 White-Forster boilers
Aircraft Four Curtiss SOC Seagull float planes Propulsion 4 screws, 107,000 SHP total
Complement 621 (750 if serving as flagship) Speed 32.5 knots


Listing of Northampton Class Heavy Cruisers
Hull # Ship's Name Commissioned Fate
CL/CA-26 Northampton May 17, 1930 Sunk at the Battle of Tassafaronga, Nov 30, 1942
CL/CA-27 Chester Jun 24, 1930 Sold for scrap Aug 1959
CL/CA-28 Louisville Jan 15, 1931 Sold for scrap Nov 1959
CL/CA-29 Chicago Mar 09, 1931 Sunk by Japanese aerial torpedoes Jan 30, 1943
CL/CA-30 Houston Jun 17, 1930 Sunk in surface action with Japanese Mar 1, 1942
CL/CA-31 Augusta Jan 30, 1931 Sold for scrap Nov 1959

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