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Belknap Class Guided Missile Cruisers: DLG/CG-26 to 34
Model featured: DLG-33 USS Fox
- circa 1966, re-designated CG-33 in 1975 -


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Originally classified as Guided Missile Destroyer Leaders (DLG) these ships were re-classified as Guided Missile Cruisers (CG) in 1975. The multi-mission ships, designed to operate at high speed for extended periods of time in support of aircraft carrier task forces, could fire extended range standard missiles at any attacking aircraft or missile, had long range sonar to fire ASROC or deploy torpedo-carrying helicopters against submarines, and could fire Harpoons against enemy ships over the horizon. Additionally, they could conduct shore bombardment in support of amphibious operations.

The comprehensive New Threat Upgrade included combat system capability improvements to the ship's Air Search Radars, Fire Control Radars, and Combat Direction System. During the overhaul all spaces were renovated, berthing and food service areas were refurbished, and the engineering plant was fully overhauled. The class was retired in the early 1990s after roughly 30 years of service.


Built at San Pedro, California, USS Fox - the 2nd last in a class of nine ships - was commissioned on July 9th, 1966. The following year she began the first of more than a dozen overseas deployments, of which the first five were in support of the Vietnam War. In 1975 she was re-designated CG-33. Next followed several cruises to the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. From 1978 to 1980 Fox was modernized and received Harpoon surface-to-surface guided missiles in place of her 3-inch guns, plus other upgrades to her combat capabilities. Further WestPac deployments took place in 1982, 1985-1986, 1987, 1988-1989, 1991-1992 and 1993. Fox concluded her last overseas cruise near the end of 1993. Decommissioned and stricken in 1994, she was sold for scrapping but then repossessed and currently is part of the Beaumont Reserve Fleet, Texas.

Belknap Class specifications, as built


547 ft
Beam   55 ft
Displacement 5,340 tons, 7,930 tons full load
Power Plant Four 1200psi boilers, two geared turbines
Screws + SHP 2 screws 85,000 SHP total
Speed 33 knots
Crew 477
Aircraft One SH-2F LAMPS or
one SH-3 (CG-26 only)
Armament 1 Terrier/ASROC system (60 missiles), one 5-inch gun and two 3-inch guns, and
2 triple mounts for six 12.75" TT.
Later 3-inch guns removed and replaced with 8 Harpoon missiles. 2 CIWS added.

The above is a replication of DLG-32 "USS William H. Standley" circa 1969.
Later - with the 1975 general change in designations - the ship was then re-classified as CG-32.
NOTE that the paint schemes of the chopper on DLG-32 and the chopper on DLG-33 USS Fox circa 1966 are different as fits aircraft changes from 1966 to 1969.
Additionally, there are many other subtle differences in the two different custom models even though both are Belknap Guided Missile Cruisers.

We research extensively to get every custom model correct as to its specific circa.

Listing of Belknap Class Guided Missile Cruisers
- all redesignated from DLG to CG in 1975 -
Hull # Ship's Name Commissioned Stricken Fate
DLG/CG-26 Belknap Nov 1964 Feb 1995 Sunk as target, 1998
DLG/CG-27 Josephus Daniels May 1965 Jan 1994 Sold for scrap, 1999
DLG/CG-28 Wainwright Jan 1966 Nov 1993 Sunk as target, 2002
DLG/CG-29 Jouett Dec 1966 Jan 1994 Suisan Reserve Fleet
DLG/CG-30 Horne Apr 1967 Feb 1994 Sunk as target, 2008


Apr 1965 Mar 1994 Sold for scrap, 2005
DLG/CG-32 William H Standley July 1966 Feb 1994 Sunk as target, 2005
DLG/CG-33 Fox May 1966 Apr 1994 Beaumont Reserve Fleet
DLG/CG-34 Biddle Jan 1967 Nov 1993 Sold for scrap, 1999

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