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DD-445 Fletcher Class Destroyers
Model featured: DD-445 USS Fletcher
- circa 1944 -


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All the 5 inch/38 caliber gun turrets rotate.
Shown are Mounts #1 and #2.

This top view shows the 2 quintuplets of 21" torpedo tubes.
The four mounts of twin 20mm Oerlikon AA guns show their golden magazines. Often these guns were just single mounts.
Two of the larger 40mm twin mount Bofors AA guns are beside the aft funnel and two more are forward of the bridge. The fifth 40mm twin Bofors mount is out-of-view in the above image but shows in the image below located between #3 and  #4 turrets.


This stern view shows the three aft 5"/38 cal main guns turrets. Also shown are the twin racks of 600 lb depth charges that rolled off the stern and the 3 racks (per side) of 300 lb depth charges that were hurled by "K-guns" (at very right on the main deck).

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The name "Fletcher Class" is almost synonymous with the word "destroyer" when used in the context of World War II. This outstanding class was the largest class of destroyers ever built with 175 hulls being commissioned. Started by DD-445 "USS Fletcher" whose hull was laid down at Kearny, NY in October 1941, the last ship in the class was DD-804 "USS Rooks" - commissioned in September, 1944. Preceded by the Gleaves Class, the Fletcher Class was succeeded by the Allen M. Sumner Class.

The Fletcher Class was one of the pre-eminent destroyer classes of all time and the mainstay of the WWII destroyer fleet. They were the largest destroyers of their day (over 900 tons heavier than the Gleaves class, standard weight) and were the first destroyers equipped with radar. This huge class of ships performed every kind of duty in every theatre of WWII and - after the war - served with many nations including the United States.


Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM)

Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization - or FRAM - was a program to extend the useful lives of WWII era US Navy ships - specifically destroyers - during the time of the Eisenhower Administration who was seeking major cuts in US defense spending at the same time that the Navy faced a growing strategic threat from the Russian submarine force. With the Soviets having over 300 fast-attack submarines in service by 1957 and forecasted to pose an ominous threat with long range torpedoes by the 1960s, the US Navy - at the helm of Admiral Burke - found a solution to the problem in a combination of two "stand-off" weapon systems called DASH and ASROC.

DASH  was a 900 lb coaxial drone helicopter with an ASW (anti-submarine warfare) range of 22 miles. ASROC  was also an ASW system for a 1-5 mile range that launched a solid-fuel rocket which carried a torpedo or depth-bomb payload.  While both DASH and ASROC delivered the same weapon (MK-44 Torpedo) DASH was special in that it could be re-called if the target turned out to be friendly.

FRAM was not a simple process as it involved reconstruction of 3 classes of destroyers, 3 classes of Destroyer Escorts, and the Destroyer Tenders that would keep those destroyers armed and supplied. Occurring in the late 1950s to mid-1960s, the rebuild was not only different per class of ships, but the installation (known as FRAM I) or just a modernization (known as FRAM II) could be different within a specific class as well. Furthermore, while many ships received FRAM, not all received DASH while others received DASH and ASROC.

The three main destroyer types that received FRAM reconstruction were the Fletcher, Sumner and Gearing classes. The FRAM I destroyer not only had its hull and machinery re-furbished, but a new superstructure was installed as well - a reconstruction that took about 9 months to complete. FRAM II was only a modernization - which  took about 7 months. By 1965, 168 destroyers had received FRAM reconstruction / modernization.

Fletcher Destroyers and FRAM

The first destroyer to carry the operational DASH system was DD-531 USS Hazelwood - a Fletcher Class ship. However, she did not receive FRAM but was only the prototype DASH ship for DASH trials in 1958. Only three other Fletcher Class destroyers received official FRAM II overhaul. They were DD-446 USS Radford (completed November 1960), DD-447 USS Jenkins (completed January 1961) and DD-449 USS Nicholas (completed July1960). After getting the FRAM II, two ships further had installed the Variable Depth Sonar. They were  Jenkins (February 1962) and Radford (February 1963). To save top-side weight the three ships lost all their Bofors and Oerlikon AA guns as well as all the 21" twin torpedo tubes.


Fletcher Class specifications


376 ft 6 in
Beam 40 ft 10 in
Draft 14 ft 0 in
Displacement 2,924 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 boilers, 2 geared turbines
Screws + SHP 2 screws, 60,000 SHP total
Rudders DD-445 to DD-800: one;
DD-801 to DD-804: two
Speed 38 knots flank speed
Range 4,800 nautical miles at 15 knots
Complement 22 officers, 313 enlisted (pre-FRAM)
typical 1943-44
Five 5"/38 cal MK-30 single guns;
Ten 40mm Bofors in 5 twin mounts;
Eight 20mm Oerlikon in 4 twin mounts;
Ten 21" ASW torpedoes in 2 quintuplets; two depth charge racks; 6 K-gun racks
Two 5"/38 cal MK-30 single guns;
6 homing torpedoes in 2 triple mounts;
DASH helicopter drones (2/ship);
2 ASW Hedgehog weapons;
ASROC MK-108; SPS-6 Radar


US Navy WWII Destroyer Classes


Flagship hull #



 Total # built
Benham DD-397 340 ft 9 in February 1939 12
Sims DD-409 348 ft 3 in August 1939 12
Benson DD-421 348 ft 2 in July 1940 30
Gleaves DD-423 348 ft 4 in June 1940 68
Fletcher DD-445 376 ft 6 in June 1942 175
Allen M. Sumner DD-692 376 ft 6 in January 1944 55
Gearing DD-710 390 ft 6 in May 1945 80



DD-445 Fletcher DD-511 Foote DD-551 David W. Taylor DD-584 Halligan DD-662 Bennion
DD-446 Radford DD-512 Spence DD-552 Evans DD-585 Haraden DD-663 Heywood L. Edwards
DD-447 Jenkins DD-513 Terry DD-553 John D. Henley DD-586 Newcomb DD-664 Richard P. Leary
DD-448 La Vallette DD-514 Thatcher DD-554 Franks DD-587 Bell DD-665 Bryant
DD-449 Nicholas DD-515 Anthony DD-555 Haggard DD-588 Burns DD-666 Black
DD-450 O'Bannon DD-516 Wadsworth DD-556 Hailey DD-589 Izard DD-667 Chauncey
DD-451 Chevalier DD-517 Walker DD-557 Johnston DD-590 Paul Hamilton DD-668 Clarence K. Bronson
DD-465 Saufley DD-518 Brownson DD-558 Laws DD-591 Twiggs DD-669 Cotten
DD-466 Waller DD-519 Daly DD-559 Longshaw DD-592 Howorth DD-670 Dortch
DD-467 Strong DD-520 Isherwood DD-560 Morrison DD-593 Killen DD-671 Gatling
DD-468 Taylor DD-521 Kimberly DD-561 Prichett DD-594 Hart DD-672 Healy
DD-469 De Haven DD-522 Luce DD-562 Robinson DD-595 Metcalf DD-673 Hickox
DD-470 Bache DD-526 Abner Read DD-563 Ross DD-596 Shields DD-674 Hunt
DD-471 Beale DD-527 Ammen DD-564 Rowe DD-597 Wiley DD-675 Lewis Hancock
DD-472 Guest DD-528 Mullany DD-565 Smalley DD-629 Abbot DD-676 Marshall
DD-473 Bennett DD-529 Bush DD-566 Stoddard DD-630 Braine DD-677 McDermut
DD-474 Fullam DD-530 Trathen DD-567 Watts DD-631 Erben DD-678 McGowan
DD-475 Hudson DD-531 Hazelwood DD-568 Wren DD-642 Hale DD-679 McNair
DD-476 Hutchins DD-532 Heermann DD-569 Aulick DD-643 Sigourney DD-680 Melvin
DD-477 Pringle DD-533 Hoel DD-570 Charles Ausburne DD-644 Stembel DD-681 Hopewell
DD-478 Stanly DD-534 McCord DD-571 Claxton DD-649 Albert W. Grant DD-682 Porterfield
DD-479 Stevens DD-535 Miller DD-572 Dyson DD-650 Caperton DD-683 Stockham
DD-480 Halford DD-536 Owen DD-573 Harrison DD-651 Cogswell DD-684 Wedderburn
DD-481 Leutze DD-537 The Sullivans DD-574 John Rodgers DD-652 Ingersoll DD-685 Picking
DD-498 Philip DD-538 Stephen Potter DD-575 McKee DD-653 Knapp DD-686 Halsey Powell
DD-499 Renshaw DD-539 Tingey DD-576 Murray DD-654 Bearss DD-687 Uhlmann
DD-500 Ringgold DD-540 Twining DD-577 Sproston DD-655 John Hood DD-688 Remey
DD-501 Schroeder DD-541 Yarnall DD-578 Wickes DD-656 Van Valkenburgh DD-689 Wadleigh
DD-502 Sigsbee DD-544 Boyd DD-579 William D. Porter DD-657 Charles J. Badger DD-690 Norman Scott
DD-507 Conway DD-545 Bradford DD-580 Young DD-658 Colahan DD-691 Mertz
DD-508 Cony DD-546 Brown DD-581 Charrette DD-659 Dashiell  
DD-509 Converse DD-547 Cowell DD-582 Conner DD-660 Bullard  
DD-510 Eaton DD-550 Capps DD-583 Hall DD-661 Kidd  

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