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DD-931 Forrest Sherman Class Destroyers
(also Barry & Decatur Classes)
Model featured: DD-931 USS Forrest Sherman
- circa 1955 -


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Designed during the late 1940s and built during the 1950s, the Forrest Sherman Class was the last of the standard destroyers built by the US Navy after WWII. At the time they had the most modern weapons and crew conveniences - including air conditioning throughout the ship. The class, which follows after the Gearing class, was extensively modified in the 1960s and early 1970s to the point that two new classes (Barry and Decatur) came into being. Forrest Sherman destroyers served until the early 1980s when the last  ship was decommissioned.




Forrest Sherman Class specifications
- as originally constructed (DD) -

Length: 418 ft 5 in

Beam: 45 ft 2 in Draft: 14 ft
Displacement 4000 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 1200lb boilers, 2 steam turbines
# Screws/ Speed 2 screws / 33 knots
Range 4,500 nautical miles at 20 knots
Crew 22 officers, 313 enlisted
Armament 3-5" single guns; 2 twin 50 cal.
Torpedoes; ASW 2 triple tubes of 21" Mk-32;
2 hedgehogs; 1 depth charge rack

BARRY CLASS, with upgraded ASW

In the mid-1960s, DD-993 USS Barry was one of eight Forrest Sherman Class destroyers to receive an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability upgrade which included the replacement of one of the 5-inch guns with a Mk-16 ASROC missile launcher. The ships that underwent the conversion then formed the Barry Class (DD).

DECATUR CLASS, Guided Missile Conversion

In the mid-1960s, DD-936 USS Decatur was one of  four Forrest Sherman Class destroyers converted  into guided missile destroyers, which were the redesignated DDG and assigned new hull numbers. The conversion replaced 90% of the superstructure and fitted the Tartar surface-to-air missile system while moving the ASROC anti-submarine rocket launcher. Engineering equipment was completely overhauled and much additional electronic gear was added.

Ships of the Forrest Sherman, Barry and Decatur classes
Forrest Sherman Class
(original DD)
Barry Class
(upgraded DD)
Decatur Class
(converted to DDG)
DD-931 Forrest Sherman - -
DD-932 John Paul Jones - DDG-32 John Paul Jones
DD-933 Barry DD-933 Barry -
DD-936 Decatur - DDG-31 Decatur
DD-937 Davis DD-937 Davis -
DD-938 Jonas Ingram DD-938 Jonas Ingram -
DD-940 Manley DD-940 Manley -
DD-941 Du Pont DD-941 Du Pont -
DD-942 Bigelow - -
DD-943 Blandy DD-943 Blandy -
DD-944 Mullinnix - -
DD-945 Hull - -
DD-946 Edson - -
DD-947 Somers - DDG-34 Somers
DD-948 Morton DD-948 Morton -
DD-949 Parsons - DDG-33 Parsons
DD-950 Richard Edwards DD-950 Richard Edwards -
DD-951 Turner Joy - -

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