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DD-963 Spruance Class Destroyers
and Kidd Class (Spruance destroyers built for Iran)


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Spruance Class, as originally built DD

Model comes on wood base with solid brass pedestals
See DDG-51 Arleigh Burke for example

Kidd Class - DDG

Line drawings courtesy of
Unofficial US Navy Site

Spruance Class as originally built


563 ft
Beam 55 ft
Draft 31 ft
Displacement 9,500 tons fully loaded
Power Plant 4 General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines
Screws + SHP 2 reversible variable pitch; 80,000 SHP
Speed 30+ knots
Range 6,000 nautical miles at 20 knots
Crew 30 officers, 352 enlisted
- as built -
Two 5"/54 cal Mk-45 lightweight guns;
One Sea Sparrow SAM launcher;
One ASROC launcher (8 ASW missiles)
Six Mk-46 torpedoes in 2 triple mounts
One helicopter
Armament Upgrades
Aircraft Two SH-60 Seahawks (LAMPS III)
Kidd Class has two SH-2 helicopters (LAMPS I) or one SH-3 helicopter
Guns Two 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Missiles 8 Harpoon anti-ship in 2 quad launchers; 60 Tomahawks in VLS or ABL
Rolling Airframe Missile System
Kidd Class has Standard missiles and NATO Sea Sparrow point defense AAW missiles
ASW Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) missiles;
Kidd Class has one Mk-112 launcher for ASROC
Any Spruance or Kidd Class - custom model
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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The Spruance Class destroyers, built between 1972 and 1983 under the DDX program, are the largest destroyers the Navy ever had and the first large warships to employ gas turbine engines as their main propulsion system. First deployed in 1975, the primary mission of the 31 ships that comprised the class was anti-submarine warfare. They were equipped with a Mk-112 ASROC anti-submarine rocket launcher behind the forward Mk-45 gun. The ships could also engage other ships, aircraft and shore targets.

Built with future growth in mind, Spruance destroyers were designed modular in nature which allowed for easy installation of entire sub-systems within the ship. All the ships underwent modernization to their ASW suite, helicopter capabilities, electronics and weapons systems.

After the Tomahawk cruise missile was inserted into the United States Navy, seven ships got two Mk-143 armored box launchers to carry the Tomahawks. Both launchers were placed next to the ASROC launcher. Those ships were: DD-974, DD-976, DD-979, DD-983, DD-984, DD-986 and DD-990

From 1986 onwards, the other 24 ships had the ASROC launcher removed to make room for the new Mk-41 vertical launch system which held both Tomahawks and SM-2 multiple re-entry missiles. Also, in the 1980s, each ship got two Phalanx CIWS.

Later the remaining ships not already decommissioned further got a RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launcher with 21 missiles for added anti-air defense.

Navy destroyers have historically been retired at 30 years of service. But in 1998, the seven Spruance Class destroyers which did not receive the Tomahawk VLS upgrade were decommissioned after only two decades of service in order to accommodate the introduction of the much improved AEGIS-capable Arleigh Burke Class. Several other Spruance Class destroyers have been sunk for targets or scrapped and the two that are currently in reserve are scheduled to be decommissioned. The three ships that remain active are DD-963 "USS Spruance", DD-985"USS Cushing" and DD-987 "USS O'Bannon".

Kidd Class

The Kidd Class was a modified version of the Spruance Class built for Iran but the four destroyers were taken over by the US Navy after the fall of the Shah in July of 1979. Re-classified as Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG) on August 8th 1979, the ships have been re-activated and were transferred to Taiwan.

Listing of Spruance and Kidd Class destroyers (updated 2-26-05)




DD-963 Spruance 9-20-75


Sunk 12-8-06 as target
DD-964 Paul F. Foster 2-21-76 4-06-04 Navy's new Self Defense Test Ship
DD-965 Kinkaid 6-10-76 4-06-04 Sunk 7-14-04 as target
DD-966 Hewitt 9-25-76 6-05-02 Scrapped
DD-967 Elliot 1-22-77 4-06-04 Sunk 7-23-05 as target
DD-968 Arthur W. Radford 4-16-77 4-06-04 At Philadelphia to be sunk as a target
DD-969 Peterson 7-09-77 4-06-02 Sunk 2-16-04 for weapon effects test
DD-970 Caron 10-01-77 6-05-02 Sunk 12-4-02 during explosive tests
DD-971 David R. Ray 11-19-77 11-06-02 Sunk 7-12-08 as target
DD-972 Oldendorf 3-04-78 4-06-04 Sunk 8-25-05 as target
DD-973 John Young 5-20-78 11-06-02 Sunk 4-13-04 as target
DD-974 Comte de Grasse 8-05-78 6-05-99 Sunk 6-7-06 as target
DD-975 O'Brien 12-03-77


Sunk 2-9-06 as target
DD-976 Merrill 3-11-78 3-26-98 Sunk 8-1-03 as target
DD-977 Briscoe 6-03-78 4-06-04 Sunk 8-5-05 as target
DD-978 Stump 8-19-78 10-22-04 Sunk 7-7-06 as a target
DD-979 Conolly 10-14-78 9-18-98 Decommissioned 9-18-98, to be sunk as target 2009
DD-980 Moosbrugger 12-16-78 12-15-00 Scrapped 2009
DD-981 John Hancock 3-19-79 10-16-00 Scrapped 2009
DD-982 Nicholson 5-12-79 4-06-04 Sunk 7-30-04 as target
DD-983 John Rodgers 7-14-79 9-04-98 Scrapped 2009
DD-984 Leftwich 8-25-79 3-27-08 Sunk 8-1-03 as target
DD-985 Cushing 9-21-79


Sunk July 2008 as target
DD-986 Harry W. Hill 11-17-79 5-29-99 Sunk 7-15-04 as target
DD-987 O'Bannon 12-15-79


Decommissioned 8-19-05, sold to Turkey
DD-988 Thorn 2-16-80


Sunk 7-22-06 as target
DD-989 Deyo 3-22-80 3-06-04 Sunk 8-25-05 as target
DD-990 Ingersoll 3-12-80 5-24-98 Sunk 7-09-03 as target
DD-991 Fife 5-31-81 4-06-04 Sunk 8-23-05 as target
DD-992 Fletcher 7-12-80 11-01-04 Sunk 7-16-08 as target for Australian submarine
DD-993 Kidd (Kidd Class) 7-27-81 3-12-98 To Taiwan as the DDG-1803 Tzuo-Ying
DD-994 Callaghan (Kidd Class) 8-29-81 3-14-98 To Taiwan as the DDG-1802 Su-Ao
DD-995 Scott (Kidd Class) 10-24-81 12-10-98 To Taiwan as the DDG-1801 Keelung
DD-996 Chandler (Kidd Class) 3-13-82 9-23-99 To Taiwan as the DDG-1805 Ma-Kong
DD-997 Hayler 3-5-83 4-6-04 Sunk 11-13-04 as target


1 Mk-29 NATO Sea Sparrow missile launcher (total load = 24 Sea Sparrow missiles)
2 Mk-45 Lightweight Gun Mounts
2 Mk-141 quad launchers for Harpoon missiles
2 Mk-15 20mm Phalanx CIWS
1 Mk-41 VLS Tomahawk/SM-2 MR missiles (all ships except DD-974, DD-976, DD-979, DD-983, DD-984, DD-986, DD-990)
2 Mk-32 triple tube mounts for Mk-46 torpedoes (total load = 18 Mk-46 torpedoes)
4 .50 Caliber Machine Guns
2 Mk-38 Machine Guns
2 Mk-143 armored box launchers for Tomahawk (only DD-974, DD-976, DD-979, DD-983, DD-984, DD-986 and DD-990)
1 Mk-112 launcher for ASROC with 16 ASROC missiles (replaced by the MK-41 VLS)
1 MK 36 Super Rapid-Blooming Off Board Chaff System
1 Rolling Airframe Missile System (only ships not already decommissioned)

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