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DDG-1000 Zumwalt Stealth Destroyer DD(X)

We supplied models of DDG-1000 to
 John Pike, founder and Director of
and the
USS ZUMWALT  DDG-1000 Commissioning Committee

Model featured: DDG-1000 USS Zumwalt
- multi mission surface combatant -


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Guns can be made to rotate and elevate if desired


Hanger door can be built fixed open or fully closed.
Image below is of earlier model and not fully correct.
New models are built as to actual ship.


Up to five aircraft can be included if open hanger.
If closed hanger, two aircraft for helo pad only are included.

Any Zumwalt Class Destroyer - custom model
CLOSED HANGER with 2 aircraft

Scale 1:260 / 28"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:220 / 33"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:192 / 38"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

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Any Zumwalt Class Destroyer - custom model
OPEN HANGER with 5 aircraft

Scale 1:260 / 28"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:220 / 33"
Price: $2499

1/3 deposit $833

Scale 1:192 / 38"
Price: $2799

1/3 deposit $933

We'll contact you after you order.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The Zumwalt Class destroyer, also known as DD(X) or DDG-1000, is a planned class of USN destroyers designed as multi-mission ships focusing on land attack. The destroyer should have a radar cross section which is a 50-fold reduction compared to current destroyers. The lead ship is named USS Zumwalt for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt. The class is a scaled-back project that emerged after funding cuts to the larger DD-21 vessel program.

On February 14, 2008, Bath Iron Works was awarded construction of the USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000), and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding was awarded construction of DDG-1001, with a price of $1.4 billion each. According to Defense Industry Daily the cost will likely be $3.2 Billion per ship, plus $4 Billion life cycle cost per ship.

On July 22, 2008 it was reported that the DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class will be discontinued after the first two units are completed.  But on August 21, 2008 it was revealed that negotiations between Congress and the United States Navy had led to reinstated funding for a third DDG-1000 Class vessel. The move came only a month after the Navy announced it would cap the Zumwalt program at two ships. The Senate had authorized $2.6 billion in funding for a third ship, while the House of Representatives had eliminated the money from its version of the defense appropriations bill.

In this context the status of the CG(X) Next Generation Cruiser (which was to have been a missile-defense variant of the DDG-1000) and the CGN(X) Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser remains unclear. It also raises larger questions about the viability of STOM (Ship-to-Objective Maneuver) OMFTS (Operational Maneuver from the Sea) along with the host of other programs that have been justified under these doctrinal constructs.DDG-1000 will commission October 15, 2016 and serve until 2056. DDG-1001 should commission a year later.

Zumwalt Class specifications


600 ft (Panama Canal transit)
Beam was 79.1 ft, now 80.7 ft (Panama transit)
Draft 27.6 ft
Displacement was 14,264 tons, now 14,564 tons
Power Plant Integrated Power System with
two 35-megawatt main gas turbine generators and two 4-megawatt auxiliary gas turbine generators
Screws Two
Speed 30+ knots
Range 6,000 nautical miles
Crew 142 as of 2008
Armament Two 155mm Advanced Guns
Eighty PVLS cells
Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile
Tactical Tomahawk Block IV
Advanced Land Attack Missile
Aircraft Two SH-60 LAMPS helicopters or
one MH-60R helicopter (capacity for 2)
Three RQ-8A Fire Scout VTUAV
Boats Two 7 meter RHIBs
(room for two 11 meter RHIBs)

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