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DE/FF-1052 Knox Class Frigates
Model featured: DE/FF-1052 USS Knox
- circa 1981 -


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The Knox Class of frigates resulted from congressional opposition to mounting costs of the Brooke FFG Class Missile Frigate after only six Brooke Class ships were built. Accordingly the mission of the Knox Class was altered to ASW Escort from that of a general escort.

The original designation of the Knox Class was "Destroyer Escort" (DE) and this was changed in June of 1975 to "Frigate" (FF) but the hulls retained their original numbers. The Knox Class has the distinction of being the last destroyer type ships built for the US Navy which were equipped with boiler and steam propulsion.

In modern military terminology, a frigate is a warship fulfilling a Protection of Shipping (POS) mission by protecting other warships and merchant ships thru anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and works with amphibious expeditionary forces, underway replenishment groups and merchant convoys.

The US Navy adopted the classification “frigate” (FF) for ships used for open-ocean escort and patrol. When they were developed during World War II, frigates were first classified as destroyer escorts (DEs).

Frigates resemble destroyers in appearance; but they are slower, have only a single screw, and carry less armament. FFs have grown in size from about 1,500 tons displacement to over 4,000 tons, as in the Knox Class. Their armament varies from class to class.

Historically the frigate was a ship of the 4th or 5th rate. The role they filled was that of independent patrol, or fleet picket work. Later in time the former task fell to cruisers and the latter task to destroyers. The term has come back into fashion in modern navies.

FF-1052 USS Knox

Laid down by Todd Shipbuilding in Seattle on October 5th, 1965, DE-1052 USS Knox was launched November 19th, 1966 and commissioned April 12th, 1969. She was re-classified as Frigate (FF-1052) on June 30th, 1975. Decommissioned February 14th, 1992, the ship was stricken January 11th, 1995. August 7th 2007, Knox was used as a target and sunk in 6700 feet of water off the coast of Guam. The USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) and her battle group participated in the sinking. It took an undisclosed combination of air launched Mavericks, GBU-12's, and GBU-16's to take her down.

Knox Class specifications, as built


438 ft 0 in
Beam   46 ft 9 in
Draft   24 ft 9 in
Displacement 4,065 tons fully loaded, later 4,200 tons
Power Plant Two boilers, one geared turbine
Screws; SHP One screw; 35,000 shp
Speed 27 knots
Range 4,500 nautical miles at 20 knots
Crew 13 officers and 211 enlisted men
Armament 8  ASROC; 8  Harpoon; 4  torpedoes in single tube launchers; one  5-inch/54 cal gun; one  20mm Phalanx (on some ships); 8  Sea Sparrow (on some ships)
Radars AN/SPS-10 (surface), AN/SPS-40 (air), AN/SPS-58 threat warning in some ships
Sonars AN/SQS-26CX, AN/SQS-35 IVDS in FF-1052, 1056, 1063-1071, 1073-1076, 1078-1097
Aircraft DASH drone helicopter, later 1 SH-2 LAMPS-I helicopter


Knox Class Frigates, previously designated Destroyer Escorts (DE)
Hull / Ship Name Commissioned Decommissioned Fate
FF-1052 Knox 04/12/69 02/14/92 Sunk as target
FF-1053 Roark 11/22/69 12/14/91 Scraped 2004
FF-1054 Gray 04/04/70 09/29/91 Scraped 2001
FF-1055 Hepburn 07/03/69 12/20/91 Sunk as target 2002
FF-1056 Connole 08/30/69 08/30/92 To Greek Navy, renamed Espiros
FF-1057 Rathburne 05/16/70 02/14/92 Sunk as target 2002
FF-1058 Meyerkord 11/28/69 12/14/91 Sold for scrapping 2000
FF-1059 W. S. Sims 01/03/70 09/06/91 To Turkey 1999
FF-1060 Lang 03/28/70 12/12/91 Scrapped 2001
FF-1061 Patterson 03/14/70 09/30/91 Scrapped 1999
FF-1062 Whipple 08/22/70 02/14/92 Sold to Mexico
FF-1063 Reasoner 07/31/71 08/28/93 To Turkey, renamed F252 Kocatepe
FF-1064 Lockwood 12/05/70 09/27/93 Scrapped 2000
FF-1065 Stein 01/08/72 02/19/92 To Mexico 1999, renamed Ignacio Adande
FF-1066 Marvin Shields 04/10/71 07/02/92 To Mexico, renamed Mariano Abasolo
FF-1067 Francis Hammond 07/25/70 07/02/92 To be scrapped, berthed Suisun Bay Benecia, CA
FF-1068 Vreeland 06/13/70 06/30/92 To Greece 1992, renamed Makedonia
FF-1069 Bagley 05/05/72 09/26/91 Scrapped 1999
FF-1070 Downes 08/28/71 06/05/92 Sunk as target 2003
FF-1071 Badger 12/01/70 12/20/91 Sunk as target 7/21/98 as a part of RIMPAC 98
FF-1072 Blakely 07/28/70 11/15/91 Scrapped 2000
FF-1073 Robert E. Perry 09/23/72 08/07/92 To Taiwan 1992, renamed Chiu Yang
FF-1074 Harold E. Holt 03/26/71 07/02/92 Sunk during RIMPAC-2002
FF-1075 Trippe 09/19/70 07/30/92 Sold to Greece
FF-1076 Fanning 07/23/71 07/31/93 Sold to Turkey, renamed F251 Adatepe
FF-1077 Ouellet 12/12/70 08/06/93 To Thailand
FF-1078 Joseph Hewes 04/24/71 06/30/94 To Taiwan, renamed Lan Yang
FF-1079 Bowen 05/22/71 06/30/94 To Turkey 1994
FF-1080 Paul 08/14/71 08/14/92 To Turkey 2000
FF-1081 Aylwin 09/18/71 05/15/92 To Turkey 1998
FF-1082 Elmer Montgomery 10/30/71 06/30/93 To Turkey as parts/hulk 1993
FF-1083 Cook 12/18/71 04/30/92 To Taiwan 1994, renamed Hae Yang
FF-1084 McCandless 03/18/72 05/06/94 To Turkey 1994, renamed TCG Trakya (F254)
FF-1085 Donald B. Beary 07/22/72 05/20/94 To Turkey
FF-1086 Brewton 07/08/72 07/02/92 To Taiwan 1999
FF-1087 Kirk 09/09/72 08/06/93 To Taiwan 1993, renamed Fen Yang
FF-1088 Barbey 11/11/72 03/20/92 To Taiwan 1994, renamed Hwai Yang
FF-1089 Jesse L. Brown 02/17/73 07/27/94 To Egypt 1994, renamed Dumyat
FF-1090 Ainsworth 03/31/73 05/27/94 To Turkey 1994
FF-1091 Miller 06/30/73 10/15/91 To Turkey as parts, hulk, sunk as target 2001
FF-1092 Thomas C. Hart 07/28/73 08/30/93 To Turkey, renamed Zafer
FF-1093 Capodanno 11/17/73 07/30/93 To Turkey 1993, renamed Mauvenet (F250)
FF-1094 Pharris 01/26/74 04/15/92 To Mexico 1999
FF-1095 Truett 06/01/74 07/30/94 To Thailand 1994, HMTS F461 Phutthayofta Chulalok
FF-1096 Valdez 07/27/74 12/16/91 To Taiwan 1998
FF-1097 Moinester 11/02/74 07/28/94 To Egypt, renamed Rashid F966

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