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FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates
Models featured: FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry, FFG-30 Reid and FFG-55 Elrod
- circa differs for the different models shown -


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Above: FFG-7 USS Oliver Hazard Perry as commissioned 1977



Movable SM-1 missile launcher; Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons on outside of bridge; round DESRON emblem, life preserver and many signal flags mark this custom model of FFG-30 Reid.



FFG-30 Reid was a short hull Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigate as shown in this stern image which has the aft capstan on the same
level as the helo pad.
In this 36" custom model FFG-30 Reid was equipped with one OH-2D Kiowa Warrior (in hanger) and one
SH-2 Seasprite LAMPS MK-1 (on helo-pad).


FFG-55 Elrod was a long hull version that had an extended stern which moved the stern capstan back, down and out of the way thereby permitting larger helicopters to operate. In this 36" custom model FFG-55 Elrod was equipped with two Seahawk LAMPS MK-3, one of which has folded tail and rotors.


Any Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate - custom model
* built to as your ship and circa *
CLOSED HANGER and 1 helicopter included.

Scale 1:192 / 28"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:150 / 36"
Price: $2250

1/3 deposit $750

Scale 1:130 / 42"
Price: $2520

1/3 deposit $840

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Any Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate - custom model
* built to as your ship and circa *
OPEN HANGER and 2 helicopters included.

Scale 1:192 / 28"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

Scale 1:150 / 36"
Price: $2550

1/3 deposit $850

Scale 1:130 / 42"
Price: $2820

1/3 deposit $940

We'll contact you after you order.

Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates, designed in the 1970s as cost-effective general-purpose escort vessels capable of meeting most tasks adequately, they were built in large numbers to replace aging WW II destroyers.

Although costs rose dramatically over the production run, all 52 ships planned for the USN were eventually built. Some Perry Class vessels are slated to remain in USN service for years more but many have been decommissioned. Some of the decommissioned ships have been transferred to foreign countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Poland and Turkey.

The ships were produced in 445' short-hull (Flight I) and 453' long-hull (Flight II) variants. The long-hull ships (FFG 8, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36-61) carry the more capable SH-60 Seahawk LAMPS III helicopters, while the short-hull units carry the SH-2 Seasprite. The principal difference between the long and short hull versions is the relocation of the aft capstan on the long hull version to a step below the level of the flight deck in order to accommodate the tail rotor of the longer Seahawk helo.

FFG 8, 29, 32, and 33 were built as short-hull ships but were later modified into long-hull ships.

United States yards constructed Perry Class ships for the United States and Australia. Early US-built Australian ships were originally of the short-hull type and modified in the 1980s to the long-hull standard. Yards in Australia, Spain, and Taiwan have produced variants of the long-hull design for their navies. Production continues in Taiwan (Cheng Kung Class). The Australia variants are of the Adelaide Class while the Spanish ships are of the Santa Maria Class.

The addition LAMPS helicopters and the Tactical Towed Array System (TACTAS) has given these ships a combat capability far beyond the original expectations and has made the ships an integral and valued asset in virtually any scenario and particularly well suited for littoral operations.

Many Perry Class guided missile frigates will remain in the USN fleet well into the next decade with the most capable ships being retained the longest. The primary mission of the ships will remain anti-submarine warfare and escort.

Oliver Hazard Perry Class specifications, as built


445 feet (short hull) or
453 feet with LAMPS III modification
Beam 45 feet
Draft 25 ft  including sonar
Displacement 3,605 tons fully loaded
Power Plant Two GE LM 2500 gas turbine engines
Screws: SHP One screw;  41,000 SHP total;
325 hp retractable propeller pods
Speed 30+ knots
Complement 219 (includes 19 air detachment)
Armament 1 OTO Melara 3"/62 cal. Mk-75 gun;
1 Vulcan Phalanx CIS;
Four .50 cal. machine guns;
1 Mk-13 Mod 4 launcher (4 anti-ship Harpoons, 36 Standard SAM missiles)
Two triple 324mm Mk-32 torpedo tubes
Radars AN/SPS-55 (surface), AN/SPS-49 (air)
Sonars AN/SQS-56, AN/SQR-19 TACTAS towed array
Aircraft Two hangars / Two SH-2 Seasprite LAMPS-I  or Seahawk LAMPS-III helo
Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigates


Hull Commissioned Decommissioned/Status
FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry short 12-17-1977 02-20-1997
FFG-8 McInerney short hull converted to long hull 12-15-1979 08-31-2010
FFG-9 Wadsworth short 02-28-1980 06-28-2002
FFG-10 Duncan short 05-15-1980 12-19-1994
FFG-11 Clark short 05-09-1980 03-15-2000
FFG-12 George Philip short 10-10-1980 03-15-2003
FFG-13 Samuel Morison short 10-11-1980 04-10-2002
FFG-14 Sides short 05-30-1981 02-28-2003
FFG-15 Estocin short 01-10-1981 04-03-2003
FFG-16 Clifton Sprague short 03-21-1981 06-02-1995
FFG-17 >FFG-1 HMAS Adelaide later converted to long hull 07-21-1978 To be sunk for dive wreck
FFG-18 >FFG-2 HMAS Canberra later converted to long hull 12-01-1978 Sunk for dive wreck/2009
FFG-19 John A. Moore short 11-14-1981 09-01-2000
FFG-20 Antrim short 09-26-1981 05-08-1996
FFG-21 Flatley short 06-20-1981 05-15-1996
FFG-22 Fahrion short 01-16-1982 03-31-1998
FFG-23 Lewis B. Puller short 03-17-1982 Sept-1998
FFG-24 Jack Williams short 09-19-1981 09-13-1996
FFG-25 Copeland short 08-07-1982 09-18-1996
FFG-26 Gallery short 12-05-1981 09-30-1996
FFG-27 Mahlon S. Tisdale short 11-13-1982 09-27-1996
FFG-28 Boone long 05-15-1982 DESRON 14
FFG-29 Stephen W. Groves short hull converted to long hull 04-17-1982 DESRON 14
FFG-30 Reid short 02-23-1983 Sept-1998
FFG-31 Stark short 10-23-1982 05-07-1999
FFG-32 John L. Hall short hull converted to long hull 06-26-1982 DESRON 14
FFG-33 Jarrett short hull converted to long hull 07-02-1983 DESRON 21
FFG-34 Aubrey Fitch short 10-09-1982 05-03-1999
FFG-35 >FFG-3 HMAS Sydney later converted to long hull 12-29-1983 active as of 2009
FFG-36 Underwood long 01-09-1983 DESRON 24
FFG-37 Crommelin long 06-18-1983 DESRON 31
FFG-38 Curts long 10-08-1983 DESRON 1
FFG-39 Doyle long 05-21-1983 DESRON 14
FFG-40 Halyburton long 01-07-1984 DESRON 14
FFG-41 McClusky long 12-10-1983 DESRON 1
FFG-42 Klakring long 08-30-1983 DESRON 14
FFG-43 Thach long 03-17-1984 DESRON 23
FFG-44 >FFG-4 HMAS Darwin later converted to long hull 07-21-1984 active as of 2009
FFG-45 Dewert long 11-19-1983 DESRON 14
FFG-46 Rentz long 07-30-1984 DESRON 21
FFG-47 Nicholas long 03-10-1984 DESRON 18
FFG-48 Vandegrift long 11-24-1984 DESRON 15
FFG-49 Robert G. Bradley long 08-111984 DESRON 14
FFG-50 Taylor long 12-01-1984 DESRON 24
FFG-51 Gary long 11-17-1984 DESRON 15
FFG-52 Carr long 07-27-1985 DESRON 2
FFG-53 Hawes long 02-09-1985 DESRON 22
FFG-54 Ford long 06-29-1985 DESRON 9
FFG-55 Elrod long 06-29-1985 DESRON 28
FFG-56 Simpson long 11-06-1985 DESRON 14
FFG-57 Rueben James long 03-22-1986 DESRON 31
FFG-58 Samuel B. Roberts long 03-12-1986 DESRON 14
FFG-59 Kauffman long 02-28-1987 DESRON 26
FFG-60 Rodney M. Davis long 05-09-1987 DESRON 9
FFG-61 Ingraham


08-05-1989 DESRON 9

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