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All display models come fully assembled and mounted on brass pedestals with Philippine mahogany wood base.
Models are available in 3 sizes from a very detailed 26" to an impressive 42" (other size models can be special ordered).
These detailed wood models include personalized brass plate, flags and assigned aircraft. Open hangers can be requested.


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Wood ship models of Garcia Class DE/FF-1040 to DE/FF-1051

DE/FF-1040 to DE/FF-1051
Garcia Class

Wood ship models of Knox Class DE/FF-1052 to DE/FF-1097










DE/FF-1052 to DE/FF-1097
Knox Class

(H, FD, W)


Wood ship models of Brooke Class FFG-1 to FFG-6


FFG-1 to FFG-6
Brooke Class

Wood ship models of Oliver Hazard Perry Class FFG-7 to FFG-61 FFG-7 to FFG-61
Oliver Hazard Perry Class

(FD, W)

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