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Custom built wood ship models of famous Battleships of WWII including KMS Bismark, IJN Yamato, USS Missouri, HMS Hood
Custom wood ship models of USN Cruisers, USA
Custom wood ship models of USN Destroyers, USA
Custom wood ship models of USN Frigates, USA
Custom wood ship models of USN Aircraft Carriers, USA Custom wood ship models of USN Auxiliary Vessels, USA
Auxiliary Vessels
Custom wood ship models of USN Minesweepers, USA
Mine Warfare
Aircraft Carriers

Custom wood ship models of Small Fighting Ships, USA
Small Fighting Ships

Custom wood ship models of Amphibious Assault ships
Amphibious Forces

Sitemap of Featured Military Ship Models

Aircraft Carriers
Early Aircraft Carriers
CV-5 Yorktown class
CV-9 Essex class
CVL-22 Independence class
CV-41 Midway class
CV-48 Saipan class
CV-59 Forrestal class

CV-63 Kitty Hawk
CV-64 Constellation
CVN-65 Enterprise
CVN-68 Nimitz class
CVN-70 Carl Vinson
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
CVN-74 John C. Stennis
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan

CVN-77 George H. W. Bush
CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford
CV Pictorial

BB-61 Iowa, circa 1989
BB-63 Missouri, circa 1945
BB-63 Missouri, circa 1986
HMS Hood and Admiral class
HMS King George V class
HMS Rodney and Nelson class
IJN Yamato and Musashi
KMS Bismarck and Tirpitz
KMS Admiral Hipper class
KMS Admiral Scheer, Lutzow class
KMS Scharnhorst and  Gneisenau
Light, Heavy & AA Cruisers
CL-1 Chester class
CA-24 Pensacola class
CA-26 Northampton class
CL-55 Cleveland class

Guided Missile Cruisers
CLG-6 Providence class
CG-10 Albany class

CG-16 Leahy class
CG-26 Belknap Class
CGN-41 Virginia class

Fletcher class
Allen M. Sumner class
Gearing class
Forrest Sherman class
Charles F. Adams class
Spruance class
Arleigh Burke class

Zumwalt Class

FF-1040 Garcia class
FF-1052 Knox class
FFG-1 Brooke Class
FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class

Small Fighting Ships
ELCO 80' PT Boat

Mine Warfare
AM - Raven / Auk class
MSO - Agile / Aggressive class
M909 Francois Bovesse
MCM-1 Avenger class
MHC-51 Osprey class



Amphibious Forces
LCAC Hovercraft
LST, Landing Ship Tank
LCVP (Higgins Boat)
LCI (Landing Craft, Infantry)
LCM (Landing Craft, Mechanized)
LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) Mk1-5
LCT (Landing Craft, Tank) Mk6
LCU (Landing Craft, Utility)
Amphibious Assault Ships
LPH-2 Iwo Jima class
LHA-1 Tarawa class
LHD-1 Wasp class
Cargo, Dock Landing, Transport
LPD-17 San Antonio class

Auxiliary Ships
Auxiliary Vessels List Page
T AKR-300 Bob Hope Class
ATF-166, Powhatan Class tug
ATS-3, Edenton salvage ship

Museum quality models of American, British, German and Japanese warships custom-built and crafted from mahogany wood.
These fully assembled desk-top display models are replicas of the authentic fighting ships which are world prized as collectables or gifts.
Every ship model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.

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