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Raven and Auk Class Minesweepers (AM/MSF)
Model featured: AM-101 USS Herald

- circa 1943 -



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Preceded by the smaller 188-foot long vessels of the Lapwing Class, the Raven Class was laid down in 1939 to produce a more capable ocean minesweeper by lengthening the hull to 220 feet. Only two hulls were laid down (AM-55 Raven and AM-56 Osprey) when it was decided to further lengthen the hull 11 inches more in following ships - which became the Auk Class. However, the ships of the two classes are so similar that often they are collectively referred to as the "Raven-Auk Class" and we present them together here.

Besides the two Raven Class ships, a total of 93 Auk Class minesweepers were built in the States during World War II.

Thirty-two of the Auk Class vessels were supposed to be transferred to Great Britain under Lend Lease and were originally designated BAM-1 to BAM-32. These 32 ships did not have USN names or hull numbers, but when 13 of the BAM vessels were retained for service with the USN, they were then reassigned USN names and hull numbers - leaving only 19 of the BAM ships to be transferred. Later, three further USN minesweepers (already designated with USN names and hull numbers) were additionally transferred to make the British complement of Auk Class ships 22 in all. All the ships transferred to Britain were designed for the same mission as their U.S. Navy counterparts. Three were sunk in action and 19 returned to the United States after the war - some then given to Turkey where they served further.

A further nine Auk Class minesweepers serving with the United State Navy were also lost in action: 4 in the Italian Campaign, 2 during Normandy, and 3 in the Pacific. In 1955 surviving ships were designated MSF (Fleet Minesweeper).

As a tribute to their design, 36 went on to serve during the Korean War. Five were converted to oceanographic survey ships which served into the late 1960s. Two served in the Vietnam theater. Two other ships were converted to Coastal Minesweepers and then transferred to the Royal Norwegian Navy. AM-383 USS Surfbird was converted to degaussing ship in 1957 and served until December 1970 as ADG-383. She was the last of the class in service with the US Navy.

Many other ships went on to serve as minesweepers with the navies of  Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. AM-104 USS Pilot (sold to Mexico in February 1973) was the last ship of the Auk class in naval service, operating as a Patrol Craft renamed C-85 Juan Aldarma.


AM-101 "USS Herald"

Commissioned March 23, 1943 Herald started her war career supporting the unopposed landing on Kiska Island in the Aleutians in August. That winter storm damage forced her to return to Seattle for repairs. In early 1944 she sailed to Pearl and supported convoys to the Marshalls and in May the invasion of the Marianas. In following months Herald did vital convoy work including patrolling and minesweeping. At  war's end, the minesweeper took part in the giant sweeping operations of the former Japanese islands. Decommissioned in 1946, Herald was recommissioned in 1952 and made two Mediterranean cruises. Decommissioned again in 1955 she is berthed at Orange, Texas with the Atlantic Reserve Fleet.

Raven and Auk Class specifications

Length Auk   Class 221 ft  2 in (hulls 55 and 56)
Raven Class 220 ft 3 in
Beam  Auk Class 32 ft  2 in
(Raven 32 ft 0 in)
Draught Auk Class 10 ft  9 in
(Raven 9 ft 4 in)
Displaced Auk Class 890 tons standard
(Raven 810 tons)
Propulsion 2 diesel-electric engines, 2 shafts,3118 shp
(some ship engines and shp varied)
Speed 18.1 knots
Armament One 3-inch, four single 40mm guns,
2 depth charge racks,
4 depth charge projectiles (K-guns)
Crew 7 officers and 98 enlisted men
Raven and Auk Class Minesweepers
A total of 2 Raven Class and 93 Auk Class ships were built
Hull / Ship Name


Fate: ( = lost)

AM-55 Raven (Raven Class)

11-11-1940 Stricken May 1967, sunk as target off southern coast of California.

AM-56 Osprey (Raven Class)

12-16-1940 Struck mine while en-route to Normandy June 5th,1944.

AM-57 Auk (rest are all Auk Class)

01-15-1942 Stricken August 1956, no record of disposal.

AM-58 Broadbill

10-13-1942 Sold for scrap December 1973.

AM-59 Chickadee

11-09-1942 Decommissioned at Astoria Oregon, May 1946.

AM-60 Nuthatch

11-19-1942 Sunk as target of Pacific Fleet after stricken, December 1966.

AM-61 Pheasant

12-12-1942 Sunk as target after stricken, December 1966.

AM-62 Sheldrake

10-14-1942 Converted to oceanographic survey ship in 1952, sold for scrap, 1971.

AM-63 Skylark

11-25-1942 Sunk by mine off Okinawa April 28th, 1945 (5 lost).

AM-64 Starling

12-21-1942 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Valentin Gomez Farias (G-11 ).

AM-65 Swallow

01-14-1943 Sunk by Japanese kamikaze off Okinawa April 22nd, 1945.

AM-66 to AM-99   -  other Classes of Minesweepers

AM-100 Heed

02-27-1943 Stricken March 1967.

AM-101 Herald

03-23-1943 Stricken July 1972, sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Mariano Matamoros.

AM-102 Motive

04-17-1943 Stricken December 1966, destroyed as target by the Pacific Fleet in 1968.

AM-103 Oracle

05-14-1943 Stricken December 1966, used as a target for the Pacific Fleet in 1967.

AM-104 Pilot

02-03-1943 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Juan Aldarma (C-85).

AM-105 Pioneer

02-27-1943 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Leandro Valle.

AM-106 Portent

04-03-1943 Struck a mine near the Italian coast and sank January 22nd, 1944.

AM-107 Prevail

04-17-1943 Converted to survey ship (AGS-20) in 1952, sold for scrap 1964.

AM-108 Pursuit

04-30-1943 Converted to survey ship (AGS-17) in 1951, stricken July 1960.

AM-109 Requisite

06-07-1943 Converted to survey ship (AGS-18) in 1951, stricken April 1964.

AM-110 Revenge

07-21-1943 Sold for scrap May 1967.

AM-111 Sage

08-23-1943 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Hermenegildo Galeana (G-19).

AM-112 Seer

10-21-1942 Transferred to Norway 1962 as Coastal Minesweeper, renamed Uller.

AM-113 Sentinel

11-03-1942 Sunk by German aircraft off Sicily July 10th,1943.

AM-114 Staff

11-01-1942 Sold for scrap1967.

AM-115 Skill

11-17-1942 Sunk (likely by submarine) on September 25th, 1943 off Salerno, Italy.

AM-116 Speed

10-15-1942 Transferred to S. Korea 1967, renamed Sunchon (PCE-1002).

AM-117 Drive

10-27-1942 Transferred to Norway 1959 as Coastal Minesweeper, renamed Gor.

AM-118 Steady

11-16-1942 Sold to Taiwan 1967, renamed Mo Ling (PCE-70).

AM-119 Sustain

11-09-1942 Sold to Norway1959.

AM-120 Sway

07-20-1943 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Ignaio Altamurano (G-12).

AM-121 Swerve

01-23-1944 Struck a mine and sank off Anzio, Italy on July 9th, 1944.

AM-122 Swift

12-29-1943 Stricken 1972.

AM-123 Symbol

12-10-1942 Sold to Mexico 1972, renamed Guillermo Prieto (G-02).

AM-124 Threat

03-14-1943 Stricken 1972.

AM-125 Tide

05-09-1943 Sunk off coast of France after striking mine on June 7th, 1944.

AM-126 Token

12-21-1942 Stricken 1966.

AM-127 Tumult

02-27-1943 Stricken 1967.

AM-128 Velocity

04-04-1943 Sold to Mexico 1972, renamed Ignacio L. Vallarta (G-14).

AM-129 Vital

To RN 1943, renamed Strenuous J338, returned 1946, sold 1948 renamed Evening Star

AM-130 Usage

To RN 1943, renamed Tourmaline J339, returned 1947, sold to Turkey Cardak (M507).

AM-131 Zeal

07-09-1943 Sunk as a target 1967.

AM-132 to AM-313   -  other Classes of Minesweepers

AM-314 Champion (ex-BAM-1)

09-08-1943 To Mexico 1972, renamed Mariano Escobar (P-103).

AM-315 Chief (ex-BAM-2)

10-09-1943 To Mexico 1972, renamed Jesus Gonzalez Ortega (C-83).

AM-316 Competent (ex-BAM-3)

11-10-1943 To Mexico 1972, renamed Ponciano Arriaga.

AM-317 Defense (ex-BAM-4)

01-10-1944 To Mexico 1973, renamed Manuel Doblado (C-73), reclassified P-104.

AM-318 Devastator (ex-BAM-5)

01-12-1944 To Mexico 1973, renamed Sabastian Lerdo de Tejada (C-74).

AM-319 Gladiator (ex-BAM-6)

02-23-1944 To Mexico 1972, renamed Santos Degollado (G-07), reclassified P-106.

AM-320 Impeccable (ex-BAM-7)

04-29-1944 1955 reclassified MSF-320, scrapped 1974.

AM-321 Overseer (ex-BAM-16)

To RN 1943, renamed Elfreda J402, returned 1947, sold to Turkey 1947 Cesme (M505).
AM-322 Spear (ex-BAM-22) 12-31-1943  1955 reclassified MSF-322, to Mexico1972 Ignacio De La Llave (G-08).
AM-323 Triumph (ex-BAM-23) 02-03-1944 1959 reclassified MMC-3, 1961 to Norway, renamed Brage (N-49).
AM-324 Vigilance (ex-BAM-24) 02-28-1944 To Philippines 1967, renamed Quezon (PS-70).
AM-325 to AM-339   -  other Classes of Minesweepers
AM-340 Ardent (ex-BAM-8) 05-25-1944 Sold to Mexico 1972, renamed Juan N. Alvarez (P-108).
AM-341 Dextrous (ex-BAM-30) 09-08-1943 In reserve 1946, to South Korea 1967 as Koje (PCE 1003).
AM-342 to AM-370   -  other Classes of Minesweepers
AM-371 Miniver 05-29-1945 Struck mine in Tsushima Straits / sank Dec 29th, 1945 (31 killed).
AM-372 Murrelet 08-21-1945 Sold to Philippines 1965, renamed Rizal (PCE-69).
AM-373 Peregrine 09-27-1945 Stricken 1969.
AM-374 Pigeon 10-30-1945 Stricken 1966 and sold for scrap.
AM-375 Pochard 11-27-1944 Stricken 1966 and sold for scrap.
AM-376 Ptarmigan 01-15-1945 Sold to South Korea 1963.
AM-377 Quail 03-05-1945 Stricken 1966 and sold for scrap.
AM-378 Redstart 04-04-1945 Sold to Taiwan 1963, renamed Wu Sheng.
AM-379 Roselle 02-06-1945 Sold to Mexico 1973, renamed Melchor Ocampo.
AM-380 Ruddy 04-28-1945 Sold to Peru 1960, renamed Galvez.
AM-381 Scoter 03-17-1945 Sold to Mexico 1972, renamed Manuel Gutierrez Zamora (G-10).
AM-382 Shoveler 05-22-1945 Sold to Peru 1960, renamed Diez Canseco (MSF-69).
AM-383 Surfbird 11-25-1944 Converted to degaussing ship 1957, sold 1976, renamed Helenka B.
AM-384 Sprig 04-04-1945 Sold for scrap1973.
AM-385 Tanager 07-28-1945 To USCG 1963, decommissioned February 1972 and sold 1972.
AM-386 Tercel 08-21-1945 Stricken 1972.
AM-387 Toucan 11-25-1944 Sold to Taiwan 1964.
AM-388 Towhee 05-18-1945 Converted to survey ship (AGS-28) in 1964, scrapped 1970.
AM-389 Waxwing 08-06-1945 Sold to Taiwan 1965, renamed Chu Yang (PCE-67).
AM-390 Wheatear 10-03-1945 Sold for scrap 1973.
BAM-9   > HMS Catherine J12

Transferred to RN July 1943, returned 1946, sold to Turkey 1947, renamed Erdemli.

BAM-10 > HMS Cato J16

Transferred July 1943, sunk Normandy July 6, 1944 by German 'Neger' human torpedo

BAM-11 > HMS Pique J23

Transferred Aug 1943, returned 1946, fate unknown.

BAM-12 > HMS Chamois J28 Transferred Oct 1943, hit mine, returned 1946, sold 1948, renamed Morning Star.
BAM-13 > HMS Chance J340 Transferred Nov 1943, returned 1946, sold to Turkey 1947, renamed Edremit.
BAM-14 > HMS Combatant J341 Transferred Nov 1943, returned 1946, scrapped 1947.
BAM-15 > HMS Cynthia J345 Transferred Dec 1943, returned 1947, scrapped 1947.
BAM-17 > HMS Gazelle J342 Transferred July 1943, returned 1946, fate unknown.
BAM-18 > HMS Gorgon J346 Transferred Aug 1943, returned 1946, fate unknown.
BAM-19 > HMS Grecian J352 Transferred Sep 1943, returned 1946, to Turkey 1947, renamed Edineik (M509).
BAM-20 > HMS Magic J400 Transferred Oct 1943, sunk Normandy July 6, 1944 by German 'Neger' human torpedo
BAM-21 > HMS Pylades J401 Transferred Nov 1943, sunk July 6, 1944 off Normandy by German midget submarine.
BAM-25 > HMS Fairy J403 Transferred Mar 1943, returned 1946, scrapped 1947.
BAM-26 > HMS Floriziel J404 Transferred Apr 1943, returned 1946, sold 1946, renamed Aida, fate unknown.
BAM-27 > HMS Foam J405 Transferred Apr1944, returned 1946, scrapped 1947.
BAM-28 > HMS Frolic J406 Transferred Jun 1944, returned 1947, to Turkey 1947, renamed Candarli.
BAM-29 > HMS Jasper J407 Transferred Aug 1944, returned 1946, sold 1946, renamed Pandelis, fate unknown.
BAM-31 > HMS Steadfast J375 Transferred Sep 1943, returned 1946, to Turkey 1947, renamed Eregli.
BAM-32 > HMS Tattoo J374 Transferred Oct 1943, returned 1947, to Turkey 1947, renamed Carsamba.

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