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Avenger Class Ships
Hull / Ship Name Commissioned Fate/Homeport
MCM-1 Avenger Sep 12, 1987 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-2 Defender Sep 30, 1989 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-3 Sentry Sep 02, 1989 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-4 Champion Feb 08, 1991 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-5 Guardian Dec 16, 1989 Sasebo, Japan
MCM-6 Devastator Oct 06, 1990 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-7 Patriot Dec 13, 1991 Sasebo, Japan
MCM-8 Scout Dec 15, 1990 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-9 Pioneer Dec 07, 1992 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-10 Warrior Apr 07, 1993 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-11 Gladiator Sep 18, 1993 Ingleside, Texas
MCM-12 Ardent Feb 18, 1994 Manama, Bahrain
MCM-13 Dextrous July 09, 1994 Manama, Bahrain
MCM-14 Chief Nov 05, 1994 Ingleside, Texas
Any Avenger Class ship - custom model
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Scale 1:150 / 18"
Price: $1599

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Scale 1:108 / 24"
Price: $1899

1/3 deposit $633

Scale 1:78 / 34"
Price: $2199

1/3 deposit $733

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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

Mine Countermeasures Ships are used to clear vital waterways from mines. The ships are able to detect, classify and neutralize all known and projected types of influence and contact mines.



Avenger Class specifications

Length 224 ft  0 in
Beam   39 ft  0 in
Draught   11 ft  6 in
Displaced 1,312 tons
Propulsion Four diesels driving two shafts
Speed 14 knots
Crew 8 officers and 76 enlisted men
Armament Mine neutralization system, two .50 caliber

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