Museum quality custom built wood model military ships, submarines, yachts,  ocean liners, cruise ships, freighters and tankers.
~ museum quality, handcrafted, custom-built wood models ~

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In stock / on sale - WWII U-boat "U-1"

Fully assembled desk-top display models hand crafted from wood come with beautiful Philippine mahogany base using solid brass pedestals.
Museum quality replicas covering the history WWII U-boats, Japan's I-Class, Cold War Russian "boomers", modern British boats
and the full line of American attack and missile submarines.


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Custom wood models of WWII German U-boats documenting the development from Type II to Type XXIII

German U-boats



Custom wood models of Russian subs including the Kursk
Russian "boomers"

Custom wood models of American attack and missile submarines from WWII to modern times
USN attack & missile subs
Custom wood models of Japanese submarines of WWII
IJN submarines of Japan




Custom wood models of British submarines including the modern Vanguard Class
Royal Navy boats

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