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Type X  U-boats
Image: Type Xb
- circa 1941 -


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Type Xb specifications


294 ft 7 in
Beam   30 ft 2 in
Displacement  1,763 tons (2,710 tons submerged)
Power Two 9-cylinder super-charged diesels
4,800 hp (diesel); 1,100 hp on batteries
Propulsion 2 screws, 2 rudders
Speed 16.4 knots surfaced, 7 knots submerged
Range 18,450 miles at 10 knots surfaced,
93 miles at 4 knots submerged
Dive depth 565 feet (theoretical crush depth)
Complement 48 - 60 men
Torpedoes 2 stern tubes, 13 reloads
Mines Two groups of 12 mineshafts each side of the outer hull (48 SMA mines);
6 mineshafts in centre of forward outer hull (18 SMA mines)
Armament 105mm deck gun (removed 1943-44),
37mm, 1 or 2 single or twin 20mm
Any Type Xb U-boat - custom model
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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The largest submarines built by the Kriegsmarine in WWII, the Type X  U-boats were originally designed especially for mine operations. While Admiral Dönitz cancelled plans for monstrous 2,500 ton Type Xa U-boats, 8 smaller Type Xb submarines were built. By careful reworking of the plans, the Type Xb U-boats were able to carry 66 mines, as well as 2 stern torpedo tubes.

The ships were almost never used in their intended role - the deteriorating war situation requiring that the boats be used for supply purposes instead, and most of the boats were converted with storage containers welded over their external mine shafts. The eight boats commissioned from July 1941 to March 1944 (U-116 to U-119, U-219, U-220, U-223 and U-224) could transport 240 tons of fuel for delivery to attack U-boats.

During the course of the war, the Type X conning tower was modified; and, from mid-1944, a hinged Schnorkel was fitted on the starboard side of the conning tower.

Two of the Type Xb submarines survived the war; U-234 by entering a USA port in May 1945 to surrender; and U-219 which was taken over by the Japanese Navy in the same month and then further used as I-505.

Museum quality, fully assembled, desk-top display models of German Kriegsmarine U-boats hand-crafted from mahogany wood.
Every ship model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and custom built to become a timeless work of art.

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