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   Type B1   
Museum quality, custom-built models of Japanese submarines replicated from WWII plans and references.


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I-19,  Type B1
Length  356.5 feet
6 torpedo tubes, 14cm cannon, twin 25mm AA, 1 aircraft
Boats: I-15, I-17, I-19, I-21, I-23, I-25 to I-39
Complement: 101



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Any Type B1 Japanese submarine - custom model
* built as shown or with aircraft on catapult *

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Price: $1498.00

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Fully-assembled, hand-crafted, mahogany wood display models custom-built including personalized brass plate.

The Type B1 was the most numerous class of Japanese submarines. These boats were fast, long-ranged and carried a seaplane which could be launched on a forward catapult (I-17  had catapult aft). During the war, the aircraft hanger and catapult were removed from some boats and replaced with a second 14cm gun. In 1944, I-36 and I-37 were modified to carry four Kaiten, and I-36 was later modified again to carry six Kaiten.

I-19 sank CV-7 USS Wasp and DD-415 USS O'Brien, and damaged BB-55 USS North Carolina during the Guadalcanal campaign. I-19 was sunk by the destroyer USS Radford west of Makin Island on November 25th, 1943, with all hands lost.

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