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   Type C1 (Hei-gata)  丙型      


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I-22,  Type C1
Length  358.6 feet
8 torpedo tubes, 1-40mm gun, twin 25mm AA
Boats: I-16, I-18, I-20, I-22, I-24
Complement: 101

Type C1 had eight torpedo tubes forward in two torpedo rooms.

The deck has real strip planking.

The propellers are made from real brass.

Any Type C1 Japanese submarine - custom model
* built as shown or carrying midget sub (extra) *

Scale 1:360 / 12"
Price: $498.00

1/2 deposit $249.00

Scale 1:240 / 18"
Price: $650.00

1/2 deposit $325.00

Scale 1:120 / 36"
Price: $1298.00

1/2 deposit $649.00

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Fully-assembled, hand-crafted, mahogany wood display models custom-built including personalized brass plate.

The C1 design was developed from the Type KD6. These carried no aircraft, but they did have fittings for carrying a midget submarine aft. This was later modified to accommodate a 46-foot Daihatsu barge. Their eight torpedo tubes were all forward and were served via two separate torpedo rooms, one above the other.

These five boats of the Type C carried the five midget submarines that were deployed to assist in the attack on Pearl Harbor. All of the midgets were lost, and only one actually entered the harbor. It fired its two torpedoes at a seaplane tender and a destroyer - but hit neither - and was promptly sunk by the destroyer. On May 30th 1942, I-16 and I-20 launched midgets outside the British naval base at Diego Suarez, Madagascar. A 3rd midget from I-18 failed to launch. The midget from I-20 damaged battleship HMS Ramillies with one of its torpedoes and sank a tanker with the other. Neither midget survived, although the crew of the midget from I-20 made it ashore, only to be shot and killed by British soldiers. I-22 and I-24 participated in the attack on Sydney Harbor May 30th 1942. None of the midgets employed (five) survived.

I-16, I-20, and I-24 launched midgets off Guadalcanal on November 7th 1942 and the midget from I-20 damaged a transport, but  again all of the midgets were lost.

None of the Type C1 survived the war. DE-635 USS England sank I-16 north-east of the Solomons on May 19th, 1944.

I-18 was lost to D-445 USS Fletcher south of the Solomons on February 11th, 1943.

I-20 was an operational loss in the New Hebrides on October  10th, 1943.

I-22 was lost operationally in the Solomons on October 1st, 1942.

Patrol Craft PC-487 sank I-24 off Attu in the Aleutians June 11th, 1943. 

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