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  Type KD3 (Kai-dai)  海大型     



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I-58, renamed I-158,  Type KD3a
Length  330.0 feet
8 torpedo tubes, 12cm cannon
Boats: I-53 > I-153, I-54 > I-154, I-55 > I-155, I-56 > I-158
Complement 64

2 Kaiten human torpedoes are secured on the bow.

Another 3 Kaiten are just aft of the con tower.

The same 3 Kaiten viewed from the starboard side.
Note the detailing in the free-flooding holes.

A 6th Kaiten is secured on the stern.

Type KD3a or KD3b Japanese submarine - custom model
* built as shown or with different cargo *

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The Type KD3, derived from the previous KD1 and KD2 types, were double-hull submarines with strengthened hull components completed 1927 to 1930.

This type was actually composed of two slightly different classes - KD3a and KD3b, the latter being 16 inches longer than stated due to a different bow shape.

Type KD3a

Type KD3a included I-53, I-54, I-55, and I-58. All were renumbered in 1942.

I-53/I-153 sank SS Moesi in the Bali Strait February 27, 1942 and SS City of Manchester off Java February 28, 1942. I-153 was scuttled off Iyo Nada in May 1946.

I-54/I-154 was scuttled in the Iyo Nada in May 1946.

I-55/I-155 sank SS Van Cloon off Java February 7, 1942 and RMS Derrymore in the Java Sea 6 days later. Surrendered in September 1945, 1-155 was scuttled in Iyo Nada, May 1946.

I-58/I-158 sank SS Langkoeas in the Java Sea January 3, 1942, SS Camphuys off Bawean Island 6 days later, Pijnacker Hordijk February 22, 1942 and SS Boeroe off Sunda Strait 3 days later. I-158 surrendered September 2, 1945 and was scuttled off the Goto Islands on April 1, 1946.

Human Torpedoes

The model of I-58 shows it transporting six Kaiten Japanese: 回天 The Kaiten was a torpedo modified as a suicide weapon, and used in the final stages of the war. Kaiten means "return to the sky"; however, it is commonly translated as "turn toward heaven".

Type KD3a

Type KD3b included I-56 (renumbered I-156), I-57 (I-157), I-59 (I-159), I-60, and I-63.

I-63 was lost along with her crew in a collision with I-60 in 1939 . Her hull was refloated and scrapped in 1940.

I-60 was lost January 17, 1942 to HMS Jupiter. The remaining three were employed in training duties for the remainder of the war and were either scrapped or scuttled shortly after the war.

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