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   Type TK (Sen Toku)  伊四〇〇型潜水艦     



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I-400,  Type TK, (Sentoku)
Length  400.0 feet
6 torpedo tubes, 14cm cannon, 4 twin 25mm AA, 3 aircraft
Boats: I-400, I-401, I-402
Complement: 144



Submarine Pictorial


Any Type TK Japanese submarine - custom model
Built as shown or other aircraft placement
including having the hanger open.

Scale 1:360 / 13.3"
Price: $698.00

1/2 deposit $349.00

Scale 1:240 / 20.0"
Price: $998.00

1/2 deposit $449.00

Scale 1:120 / 40.0"
Price: $1598.00

1/2 deposit $799.00

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Fully-assembled, hand-crafted, mahogany wood display models custom-built including personalized brass plate.

The Type TK (Sen Toku) had a strengthened hull to carry an on-deck hangar which housed 3 aircraft. To fit the aircraft in the hangar the wings of the aircraft were folded back, the horizontal stabilizers folded down, and the top of the vertical stabilizer folded over so the overall profile of the aircraft was within the diameter of its propeller. A crew of four could prepare and get all three airborne in 45 minutes launching them from a 120 foot long catapult on the fore deck of the submarine which, with a range of 37,500 nautical miles, could reach the Panama Canal. The aircraft each could carry a 800 kilogram bomb another 550 nautical miles.  However, the ultimate plan to destroy the Panama Canal was never realized as the war ended suddenly with the dropping of the first Atomic bombs. All three boats were surrendered, and finally scuttled in 1946.

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