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Akula Bars Class - Project 971 Shuka
Russian Nuclear Attack Submarine (SSN)


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Mahogany base with solid brass or wooden pedestals

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Akula Bars Class - custom model

Scale 1:220 / 23"
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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.


Akula Bars Class (Project 971 Shuka) specifications


361 feet 11 inches (110.3 meters)
Beam   44 feet   4 inches
Displacement 00 tons submerged
Power nuclear reactor, steam turbines
Propulsion  propellers
Speed  knots submerged,  knots surfaced
Dive depth 000 feet
Complement  officers, enlisted
Armament  tubes

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Museum quality wood models of Russian and Soviet submarines custom built and hand crafted from mahogany wood.
These fully assembled desk-top display models are museum quality replicas of the authentic fighting ships which are world prized as collectables or gifts.
Every ship model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.
The current line of Russian attack and ballistic missile submarines models includes Project 667 BDRM Delfin or Delta IV, Project 941 Akula or Typhoon Class, Project 949A Antey or Oscar II, and Project 971 Shuka or Akula Bars Class. We have plans for many others.