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Los Angeles Class
Original boats and boats upgraded with Tomahawk missiles
Model featured: SSN-688 USS Los Angeles circa 1985


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Los Angeles Class specifications


360 feet
Beam   33 feet
Displacement 6,900 tons submerged
Power One S6G nuclear reactor
Propulsion 1 screw
Speed 25+ knots
Dive depth 800+ feet
Complement 14 officers, 127 enlisted men
Missiles none, later 12 Tomahawks

Four 21-inch bow torpedo tubes


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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The first Los Angeles Class boats (SSN-688 to SSN-718) were designed as a follow-on to the Sturgeon Class and incorporated improved sound dampening and a larger propulsion plant than previous classes. The submarines are capable of undersea, surface and strike warfare including mining operations, special forces delivery, reconnaissance, carrier battle group escort and intelligence collection.

The next group of Los Angeles Class submarines (SSN-719 to SSN-725 and SSN-750) were upgraded by the addition of twelve vertical launch tubes (VSL) to fire Tomahawk missiles and can target 75% of the Earth’s land surface.

The last group of Los Angeles Class submarines are of the Los Angeles 688i (Improved) Class and incorporate an advanced BSY-1 sonar suite combat system, are quieter, have twelve VSL tubes, and can lay mines from torpedo tubes. Their hull numbers are SSN-751 to SSN-773. Additionally the forward diving planes were removed from the sail and placed at the bow; and the sail itself strengthened so they can come up thru polar ice.

Los Angeles Class - original boats and boats upgraded to Tomahawk missiles

Click here to see list of Los Angeles Class 688i (Improved) submarines


Commissioned Homeport/Status


Commissioned Homeport/Status
SSN-688 USS Los Angeles 13 Nov 1976 Pearl Harbor, HI SSN-709 USS Hyman G Rickover 21 Jul 1984 Norfolk, VA
SSN-689 USS Baton Rouge 25 Jun 1977 stricken1995 SSN-710 USS Augusta 19 Jan 1985 Groton, Conn.
SSN-690 USS Philadelphia 25 Jun 1977 Groton, Conn. SSN-711 USS San Francisco 21 Apr 1984 Guam
SSN-691 USS Memphis 17 Dec 1977 Groton, Conn. SSN-712 USS Atlanta 06 Mar 1982 stricken 1999
SSN-692 USS Omaha 11 Mar 1978 stricken 1995 SSN-713 USS Houston 25 Sep 1982 San Diego, CA
SSN-693 USS Cincinnati 10 Jun 1978 stricken 1995 SSN-714  USS Norfolk 21 May 1983 Norfolk, VA
SSN-694 USS Groton 08 Jul 1978 stricken 1995 SSN-715 USS Buffalo 05 Nov 1983 Pear Harbor, HI
SSN-695 USS Birmingham 16 Dec 1978 stricken 1997 SSN-716 USS Salt Lake City 12 May 1984 San Diego, CA
SSN-696 USS New York City 03 Mar 1979 stricken 1997 SSN-717 USS Olympia 17 Nov 1984 Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN-697 USS Indianapolis 05 Jan 1980 stricken 1998 SSN-718 USS Honolulu 06 Jul 1985 Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN-698 USS Bremerton 28 Mar 1981 Pearl Harbor, HI  
SSN-699 USS Jacksonville 16 May 1981 Norfolk, VA
SSN-700 USS Dallas 26 Jun 1981 Groton, Conn.

Upgraded for Tomahawk cruise missiles

SSN-701 USS La Jolla 30 Sep 1981 Pearl Harbor, HI SSN-719 USS Providence 27 Jul 1985 Groton, Conn.
SSN-702 USS Phoenix 12 Dec 1981 stricken 1998 SSN-720 USS Pittsburgh 23 Nov 1985 Groton, Conn.
SSN-703 USS Boston 30 Jan 1982 stricken 1999 SSN-721 USS Chicago 27 Oct 1986 Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN-704 USS Baltimore 24 Jul 1982 stricken 1998 SSN-722 USS Key West 12 Sep 1987 Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN-705 USS City of Corpus Christi 08 Jan 1983 Guam SSN-723 USS Oklahoma City 09 Jul 1988 Norfolk, VA
SSN-706 USS Albuquerque 21 May 1983 Groton, Conn. SSN-724 USS Louisville 08 Nov 1986 Pearl Harbor, HI
SSN-707 USS Portsmouth 01 Oct 1983 decommissioned 2004 SSN-725 USS Helena 11 Jul 1987 San Diego, CA
SSN-708 USS Minneapolis-St Paul 10 Mar 1984 Norfolk, VA SSN-750 USS Newport News 03 Jun 1989 Norfolk, VA.

Museum quality display models of American USN attack submarines custom built and hand crafted from mahogany wood.
Every sub model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.
The full line of USN attack submarines beginning with WWII includes Tambor class, Mackerel class, Gar Class, Gato class, Balao class, Tench class, Barracuda class, Tang class, Sailfish class, USS Darter, Barbel class, Grayback class, USS Nautilus, Skate class, Skipjack class , USS Triton, USS Halibut, USS Tullibee, Thresher/Permit class, Sturgeon class, USS Lipscomb, Los Angeles class, Los Angeles 688i class, Sea Wolf class and Virginia class.

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