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Los Angeles Class - 688i (Improved)
Quiet nuclear powered attack submarines
Models featured: SSN-751 USS San Juan circa 2006 and SSN-756 USS Scranton circa 2012


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See page bottom for new circa configuration

12 VSL tubes (6/side) are located in the bow.


The periscopes have the older style camouflage markings.

Propellers are built from real brass - see below for circa difference.



Any Los Angeles 688i improved class
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Fully assembled museum quality wooden desk-top display models custom built as to your designated circa including flagging and personalized brass plate.

The original Los Angeles Class submarines were numbered SSN-688 to SSN-718. The next group of Los Angeles Class submarines (SSN-719 to SSN-725 and SSN-750) were upgraded by the addition of two vertical launch tubes (VSL) to fire Tomahawk missiles. The last group of Los Angeles Class submarines (SSN-751 to SSN-773) - featured on this page - were improved by the addition of 12 vertical launch tubes (VSL) to fire off Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles and are referred to as the Los Angeles Class - 688i (Improved).

The Los Angeles Class 688i (Improved) incorporate an advanced BSY-1 sonar suite combat system. These new submarines are quieter than the earlier Los Angeles Class boats.

The boats of the 688i (Improved) class are easily distinguished from the earlier Los Angeles Class boats by the fact that the forward diving planes are no longer on the sail but are located on the bow. The sail itself was strengthened so the boats of the 688i Class can come up thru polar ice.

Additionally, the "improved" Los Angeles Class submarines are able to lay mines from their torpedo tubes. Their hull numbers are SSN-751 to SSN-773.

Their senor equipment includes:
Type 2 attack periscope (port),
Type 18 search periscope (starboard)
AN/BPS-5 surface search radar,
AN/BPS-15 A/16 navigation and fire control radar,
TB-16D passive towed sonar arrays,
TB-23 passive "thin line" towed array,
AN/BQG-5D wide aperture flank array,
AN/BQQ-5D/E low frequency spherical sonar array, AN/BQS-15 close range active sonar (for ice detection); MIDAS Mine and Ice Detection Avoidance System, SADS-TG active detection sonar

Los Angeles 688i (Improved) Class specifications


360 feet
Beam   33 feet
Displacement 6,900 tons submerged
Power One S6G nuclear reactor
Propulsion 1 screw
Speed 25+ knots
Dive depth 800+ feet
Complement 14 officers, 127 enlisted men
Missiles Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM/LAM missiles from 12 VLS tubes

Four 21-inch bow torpedo tubes

Mines Yes, launched from torpedo tubes

SSN-756 USS Scranton, replicated to circa 2012, shows the propeller shroud refitted on the class.

Paint scheme - especially the periscopes - has also been changed.

Los Angeles Class 688i (Improved) Submarines

Click here to see list of original Los Angeles Class boats and boats upgraded to Tomahawk missiles


Commissioned Homeport


Commissioned Homeport
SSN-751 USS San Juan 06 Aug 1988 Guam SSN-763 USS Santa Fe 11 Dec 1993 Pearl Harbor
SSN-752 USS Pasadena 11 Feb 1989 Pearl Harbor SSN-764 USS Boise 07 Nov 1992 Norfolk, VA.
SSN-753 USS Albany 07 Apr 1990 Norfolk, VA. SSN-765 USS Montpelier 13 Mar 1993 Norfolk, VA.
SSN-754 USS Topeka 21 Oct 1989 Pearl Harbor SSN-766 USS Charlotte 16 Sep 1994 Pearl Harbor
SSN-755 USS Miami 30 Jun 1990 Groton, Conn. SSN-767 USS Hampton 16 Nov 1993 Norfolk, VA.
SSN-756 USS Scranton 26 Jan 1991 Norfolk, VA. SSN-768 USS Hartford 10 Dec 1994 Groton, Conn.
SSN-757 USS Alexandria 29 Jun 1991 Groton, Conn. SSN-769 USS Toledo 24 Feb 1995 Groton, Conn.
SSN-758 USS Asheville 28 Sep 1991 Pearl Harbor SSN-770 USS Tucson 18 Aug 1995 Pearl Harbor
SSN-759 USS Jefferson City 29 Feb 1992 San Diego, CA SSN-771 USS Columbia 09 Oct 1995 Pearl Harbor
SSN-760 USS Annapolis 11 Apr 1992 Groton, Conn. SSN-772 USS Greeneville 16 Feb 1996 Pearl Harbor
SSN-761 USS Springfield 09 Jan 1993 Groton, Conn. SSN-773 USS Cheyenne 13 Sep 1996 Pearl Harbor
SSN-762 USS Columbus 24 Jul 1993 Pearl Harbor      

Museum quality display models of American USN attack submarines custom built and hand crafted from mahogany wood.
Every sub model is meticulously researched in the initial construction phase to fit your chosen circa and lovingly handcrafted to become a timeless work of art.
The full line of USN attack submarines beginning with WWII includes Tambor class, Mackerel class, Gar Class, Gato class, Balao class, Tench class, Barracuda class, Tang class, Sailfish class, USS Darter, Barbel class, Grayback class, USS Nautilus, Skate class, Skipjack class , USS Triton, USS Halibut, USS Tullibee, Thresher/Permit class, Sturgeon class, USS Lipscomb, Los Angeles class, Los Angeles 688i class, Sea Wolf class and Virginia class.

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