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  Military Ships

Military Ships







Museum quality custom-built models of WWII and modern military ships and submarines hand-crafted from mahogany wood.
Every model order is researched to fit your specified circa and preferences to create a very accurate replica with correct configuration.
Handcrafted to stunning detail, each fully-assembled desk-top display model is a timeless work of art highly valued as a collectable or gift

Comprehensive research, customer care and skilled production to build your model historically correct.

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Submarines Pictorial Page

American Submarines List
Gato, Balao and Tench classes
SSGN / SSN-587 USS Halibut
SSBN-616 Lafayette class
SSBN-640 Benjamin Franklin class
SSN-688 Los Angeles class
SSN-688i Los Angles Class, Improved
SSBN-726 Ohio class
SSN-21 Seawolf class
SSN-774 Virginia class

Russian Submarines List
Typhoon , Project 941
Oscar II, Project 949A
Delta IV, Project 667
Akula Bars Class, Project 971

German Submarines List
Type II U-boats
Type VII U-boats, U-96 & U-564
Type IX U-boats, U-505
Type X U-boats
Type XIV U-boats
Type XXI U-boats
Type XXIII U-boats

British Submarines List
Vanguard Class

Japanese Submarines List
Type B1
Type C1
Type C3
Type KD3, Kaidai
Type TK, Sentoku, I-400

Military Ships

Aircraft Carriers
Early Aircraft Carriers
CV-5 Yorktown class
CV-9 Essex class
CVL-22 Independence class
CV-41 Midway class
CV-48 Saipan class
CV-59 Forrestal class
CV-63 Kitty Hawk
CV-64 Constellation
CVN-65 Enterprise
CVN-68 Nimitz class
CVN-70 Carl Vinson
CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln
CVN-74 John C. Stennis
CVN-76 Ronald Reagan

CVN-77 George H. W. Bush
CVN-78 Gerald R. Ford
CV Pictorial
CVS-15 Randolph Pictorial

Fletcher class
Allen M. Sumner class
Gearing class
Forrest Sherman class
Charles F. Adams class
Spruance class
Arleigh Burke class
Zumwalt class


Small Fighting Ships
ELCO 80' PT Boat

BB-61 Iowa, circa 1989
BB-63 Missouri, circa 1945
BB-63 Missouri, circa 1986
HMS Hood and Admiral class
HMS King George V class
HMS Rodney, Nelson class
IJN Yamato and IJN Musashi
KMS Bismarck and KMS Tirpitz
KMS Admiral Hipper class
KMS Admiral Scheer, Lützow
KMS Scharnhorst & Gneisenau

BB-61 Pictorial




 FF-1052 Knox class
FFG-1 Brooke class
FFG-7 Oliver Hazard Perry class

Mine Warfare
AM - Raven / Auk class
MSO - Agile / Aggressive class
M909 Francois Bovesse
MCM-1 Avenger class
MHC-51 Osprey class

Auxiliary Ships
T AKR-300 Bob Hope class
ATF-166, Powhatan Tug, class
ATS-3, Edenton Salvage Ship

Light, Heavy & AA Cruisers
CL-1 Chester class

CA-24 Pensacola class
CA-26 Northampton class
CL-55 Cleveland class

Guided Missile Cruisers
CLG-6 Providence class

CG-10 Albany class

CG-16 Leahy class
CG-26 Belknap class
CGN-41 Virginia class




Amphibious Forces
Landing Craft List
LCAC Hovercraft

LCI Landing Craft Infantry
LCVP Higgins Boat
LCM-6 Landing Craft Mechanized
LCM-8 Landing Craft Mechanized
LST Landing Ship Tank
LCT Landing Craft Tank Mk1-5
LCT Landing Craft Tank Mk-6
LCU Landing Craft Utility

Amphibious Assault Ships
LPH-2 Iwo Jima class

LHA-1 Tarawa class
LHD-1 Wasp class

Cargo, Dock Landing, Transport
LPD-17 San Antonio class

Commercial Vessels

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
S.S. William A. Irvin



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